Not So Sexy Server

sWooZie recounts his brief time as a server for us in “Not So Sexy Server”.  I spent a small portion of my teenage years in a restaurant and all the things mentioned in this video are true and then some, also I know a chef and he vouches it’s this and much much worse. Hit…

The New Ghostbusters Suck

Is anyone out there excited for the Ghostbusters reboot with an all new cast? I’m not, I predict train wreck because there is just no way you can beat the original lineup. Since they weren’t able to get something together with the old crew this will fall under another remake that should not happen. Hit…

5 Food Innovations We Desperately Need

H. Caldwell Tanner along with CollegeHumor has some food innovations that you probably can’t believe we are living without. If it’s possible to make it easier and or faster to stuff my gullet sign me up. Hit the jump for food


The new film by Christopher Romano, with Executive Producer Kim Davidson…. A rickety scientific expedition ventures down the Amazon River to a dark lagoon, in search of a mythic Creature! But the Creature, it seems, has a less than mythic agenda! MONSTRO! is a horror story. A love story. A ribald comedy! Hit the jump…

LEGO: First Person Shooter

LEGO: First Person Shooter is an animated short by AndrewMFilms where LEGO figures are inserted into popular first person shooters. Damn near anything can be Legofied and it’s usually better than the original so check out the video. Hit the jump shooter

Cool Stuff We’d Do If We Were Ghosts

Haunting people sounds so exhausting, I thought death was suppose to be about resting. CollegeHumor gives us some ideas on things they would do if they were ghosts, and maybe somethings you would do as well. Hit the jump for ghosts