The Alchemist’s Letter

Carlos Stevens directs this awesome animated short The Alchemist’s Letter. The short stars actors John Hurt and Eloise Webb. Visually this is an impressive piece of animation and the voice acting is better than some triple-a video games I could name. Hit the jump for alchemy

How Guardians of the Galaxy Should Have Ended

With the recent release of Avenger: Age of Ultron I’ve had some discussions about the other Marvel team up movie Guardians of the Galaxy. The main topic of conversation has been the ending in particular. While on the whole I loved guardians, I felt the ending was a bit too silly and left something to…


L3.0 is the story of a robot living in a post apocalyptic Paris seemingly devoid of living creatures. Things start looking up for our lonely robot once he captures a butterfly, but these things never last. The short was created by the video game animation studio ISART Digital. Hit the jump for robot

Game of Thrones Wish-Fulfillment

Listening to fans of Game of Thrones who watch the television series complain is pretty awesome, and yes I’m talking about the ones who haven’t read the books or know what books are. The uproars over character deaths are probably my favorite ones. Collegehumor has a web series where the things people wished happened in…

What Happens To Abandoned Kickstarter Games

What happened to that Kickstarter game you backed that did indeed get funded but never fully released? Hell if I know, but Dorkly does know and explains it in a way a dummy like me can understand. Hit the jump for games

Transformers Generation

Transformers Generation is a sweet stop motion animated short by harrisloureiro. This is pretty much the same battle my Transformers toys had when I was a kid, also this short give the Bayformers movies a run for their money. Hit the jump to transform

Hulk Run Errands

Aside from being a giant monster of a super hero the Hulk still has to deal with everyday shit like the rest of us. Luckily we get a sneak peak into that part of the Hulks life in this video, and it looks like being the Hulk is a big pain in the balls. Hit…

Five Stages of Watching A Marvel Movie

How It Should Have Ended has the 411 for us on the 5 stages of watching Marvel movies. Stage 1 is fangirling which is the only one I’m afflicted by so now I need to go watch the video to see what lies ahead if I ever get there. Hit the jump for stages