The Life of Ned Stark In 60 Seconds

1A4 Studio has teamed up with Vanity Fair to bring us the new series Game of Thrones Quick Draw. The subject here is poor Ned Stark, a good dude who didn’t go out the way most people wanted to see. Silver lining is we get to see his life animated and summed up in 60…

World Of Tomorrow

This is a teaser trailer for a new animated short by Don Hertzfeldt World Of Tomorrow. The video follows a protagonist who is faced with human evolution. Since winning an award at Sundance the short will be available via video-on-demand starting March 31st. Hit the jump for tomorrow

Mr. Piggy Dies in 25 Dimensions

Mr. Piggy Dies in 25 Dimensions is the perfect way to start your work week, well it is for me. This video is bizarre and simulates some hardcore hallucinogenic effects, and if that’s what you need to start the week I’m here to provide it for you. Sit back and go on a splendid journey with…

The Frozen Thing

The Thing mashed with Disney’s Frozen? yes please. Take your lovable characters from the recent Disney film and insert them into John Carpenters classic sci-fi horror flick and you get plenty of new fuel for your nightmares. Hit the jump for things


Animator Nate Milton got the idea to write down any of his thoughts, images or memories for a 3 week span and then put them all together in one animation. The result was Feelings, which gives the viewer a peek into the artists consciousness. Hit the jump for feelings

If All Presidents Acted Like House of Cards

For Presidents Day ADHD gives us “If All Presidents Acted Like House of Cards” and it’s awesome. If this was the type of entertainment value they could have put on my history classes back in high school I might have paid more attention. Also, anyone else as excited as me for the new season of…

My Fandom Valentine

What is love anyways? I have no fucking clue, but to ease the pain and loneliness of V-Day OnlyLeigh give us My Fandom Valentine. Characters from pop culture tell us their tales of love, dating and first kisses. I went with Luke and Leia Skywalker for the thumbnail because haha incest n stuff. Hit the jump…

GIF-JAM 2014

Thirty eight different artist were asked to create animated GIFs for a soundtrack by musician Paul Frasier. GIF-JAM is the result of their work, an animated short where very little makes sense as different styles and ideas come together with the music to create quite a trippy experience. Hit the jump to jam

Tall Tales

Here we have an animation by Kilogramme about some myths and or straight up lies parents may tell children for…I don’t even know, cruelty or maybe their own amusement. I’m partial to the amusement factor, lies are okay if they are funny is the lesson here, or if they completely alter ones behavior for the future…right? then…