Don Hertzfeldt Does The Simpsons

simpson open

The Simpsons are known for their Couch Gags at the beginning of each episode dating back to their first season in the 80’s. Don Hertzfeldt is known for his eccentric animations he’s been doing for a while such as Rejected (linked here with text commentary from Don) and Ah L’amour.  These things combine into something that is just delightfully bizarre. As a random note too, in the 27 seasons of The Simpsons, it also turns out to be the longest couch gag time-wise. So thank you Don, for making millions of people tilt their head in confusion at the same time, which should hopefully be another record set by this video clip.

Hit the jump for the video, you’re going to need to see it to believe it.

Scientifically Accurate: Rescue Rangers

rescue rangers

This is another video from the from the Scientifically Accurate series, this time taking on our beloved childhood cartoon The Rescue Rangers (and more specifically the chipmunks Chip and Dale).  Personally I was disillusioned about how smart and wiley chipmunks could be long before this video came out.  Hell, when I started driving it seemed like every chipmunk I encountered wanted to take a quick breather under the treads of my car. Little bastards are spastic as fuck, but that’s not really here or there.

Hit the jump for disease ridden rodents!