Dr. Who with a Tim Burton Twist?

I’ve always enjoyed the art style of good ol’ Tim Burton, but what happens when the macabre charm spills into one of my favorite series Dr.Who? Check out these portraits made real by Michael Kenny! Hit the jump for Dr. Burton

Scientifically Accurate: Rescue Rangers

This is another video from the from the Scientifically Accurate series, this time taking on our beloved childhood cartoon The Rescue Rangers (and more specifically the chipmunks Chip and Dale).  Personally I was disillusioned about how smart and wiley chipmunks could be long before this video came out.  Hell, when I started driving it seemed…

Game of Thrones – 60’s/Saul Bass Style Intro

Milan Vuckovic created an alternate opening sequence for HBO‘s Game of Thrones in the style of famous graphic designer Saul Bass. For those of you who may not know who Saul Bass is, he created some of the most iconic opening credit sequences and posters in film history. Some of the most notable people he had worked…

Barely Legal Pawn

One of the greatest duo’s ever is back together again! Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul star in Barely Legal Pawn a new reality TV show. I don’t want to spoil it, but I think we can all agree whatever these 2 touch is gold. YEAH BITCH! Hit the jump for barely legal


What’s Kevin Pollak been up to lately? who cares, because he has plenty of time to give us Sharklumbo. Pollak does some pretty amazing impersonations, Peter Falk among them, so I enjoyed this quite a bit. Sharklumbo oddly reminded of the old SNL skit Land Shark. Hit the jump for sharklumbo

Mike Tyson Mysteries

Debuting this year at the San Diego Comic Con is Mike Tyson Mysteries which yes, is a blatant riff on Scooby Doo, and that’s ok. Mike Tyson voices himself and you have a cast around him of Norm McDonald, Jim Rash, and cartoon voiceover vet Rachel Ramras. Tyson and a crew consisting of a ghost, talking pigeon,…

PushOver Plunge

There is no way i’m buying that this thing actually works, it’s bullshit and disgusting for the fact that it’s reusable. Jaboody Dubs at least continues to entertain as always with their version of the infomercial, testimonials are my favorite part. Thanks to Chris for the tip. Hit the jump to take the plunge

Captain America’s Song Bout Murica

Captain America has really let himself go, to become truly murican. Fox’s ADHD has put out some real quality stuff, and I think it continues here, I laughed got depressed and also learned stuff. Go Murica! Hit the jump for Murica