Pete Holmes Ex-Men: Jean Grey

Pete Holmes does it again with his latest installment of Ex-Men with Jean Grey. Holmes has done quite a few of these, and you can check them out on his Youtube channel, they are all pretty great. Dare I say some of them even make sense. Hit the jump for the video

Game Of Thrones Season 4 Impressions

Steve Love is back at it with his Game Of Thrones Season 4 Impressions. If you haven’t seen his videos you’re in for a treat. Steve does all the characters you love from the show and even some you don’t. Hit the jump for the video

Game Of Thrones Brady Bunch Opening

Courtesy of The Will Wheaton Project we have a Game Of Thrones intro via Brady Bunch style. Not a ton to say about this, it’s pretty cool, and well done. I especially like the little bit about Theon, haha (little bit) Hit the jump for the video

When It’s Game Of Thrones VS Lord Of The Rings, Everybody Wins

The Youtube duo The Racka Racka are back with another video in line with their previous Harry Potter versus Star Wars installment. This time however we get Game Of Thrones versus Lord Of The Rings in a battle for supremacy over the remote control. Hit the jump for the video

Game Of Thrones Theme Jazzed

Here we have the Swamp Donkeys playing their version of the Game Of Thrones theme song live from BB King’s Blues Club in New York City. I’m digging it, and i’m not all that into jazz, but it plays for me. Mostly because it’s Game Of Thrones, and that shit occupies a lot of real…

Last Week Tonight – FIFA and The World Cup

As with last week’s Net Equality segment, John Oliver examines FIFA and The World Cup, Some of the back story about the current WC being held in Brazil.  As you may have heard there have been protests in Brazil about the country’s allocation of money to multi-million dollar stadiums being built all over Brazil for…

Why Aren’t There Any Cartoons About Beastiality? Oh Hey Netflix

Bojack Horseman is a new animated series coming to Netflix. The show follows the titular character who is a washed up actor from the 90s complaining his way around Hollywood. It stars Will Arnett, Amy Sedaris, Alison Brie, and Aaron Paul. The trailer didn’t blow me away, but i’ll check it out, because I have…

NHL Logos Get The Simpsons Treatment

Instagram user ak47_studios has simpsonized NHL logos for your viewing pleasures. You are more than welcome to continue on and see the rest of them, but I put the best one on page one. Suck it habs fans! Hit the jump for more Simpsons/NHL goodness

The Mountain Can Deadlift 994 Pounds

What the fuck man, are you kidding me? Hafthor Julius Bjornsson who plays The Mountain on HBO’s Game Of Thrones is a beast pure and simple, and he’s only 25. You could look at what this guy did on the show and say “hey it’s movie magic” but not me. This guy could cut a…