A Jam Session to Remember

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jam to remember

Sometimes there are events that happen in life that are so random, so seemingly improbable that you end up writing a fan fiction about it because there is no other way that would happen.  This isn’t one of those times, but it’s damn close!  You see, what we’ve got here is Neil Peart (Rush), Danny Carey (TOOL), Matt Stone (co-creator of South Park), Stuart Copeland (Drummer for The Police, playing guitar in this video) , And the dude from Vertical Horizon playing bass (Matt Scannell is apparently his name and I had no idea until I read this article because Vertical Horizon, amirite?)

Anywho, just being able to see Danny and Neil in the same room is amazing. Both are amazingly talented drummers, and having seen Rush in concert several times I can tell you, the hype surrounding Neil Peart isn’t just Rush fanboy-ism.  He’s a very talented drummer.  Having listened to TOOL for a while as well, I can say the same things about Danny, though I haven’t seen them in concert yet so I can’t give any opinion about a live performance.  Coupled with Matt, Stuart, and other Matt it seems like a ragtag bunch of characters that just seems to work.

P.S Apparently Stuart just invites people over to jam? Why don’t more musicians do this and release the videos? Seems like a no-brainer to me.

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Save The Bros

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save the bros

Organic Valley has an ad campaign going aimed at saving the bros. What you didn’t know bros were endangered? Well I’m with you, I don’t think they are either. The bro colony is like a hydra, when one bro falls off two more pop up in their place. That’s not to say they shouldn’t be putting healthier shit into their bodies, but a bro mind is a tough nut to crack.

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The Saddest Chicken Firework of Them All

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chicken firework

I’ll admit, I haven’t truly celebrated any holiday with goofy fireworks in a loooong time.  The birthday cake / present ones were always my favorite, because they seemed to go on forever and you definitely got the most bang for your buck.  Let’s just set aside the fact that this guy filmed a chicken firework in slow motion, the fact that it looks like CGI glitter and Super Mario Bros. fireballs shoot out of it when it does, we’re going to ignore that.  How cheap does this thing have to be in order for you to buy it? I mean listen, explosives and the like aren’t cheap that I can’t understand.  But this thing blows its load as quick as I do, and that’s saying something! If this thing costs more than a dollar you are getting ripped off to the nth degree.

To sum it up quick slow motion viewing: cool!

Length of fire work: All sorts of premature going on and just plain sad.

Hit the jump to watch a Sad Chicken exploding.


Song Review: Happy Birthday to My Loose Acquaintance

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loose aquainteance

For those of you who can remember my blogs from months past, I have a particular affinity for Garfunkel and Oates and they could not have hit the nail on the head any more accurately than with this song, “Happy Birthday to My Loose Acquaintance”.  With new technology comes new social woes, and one of the more recent things with social media is the whole “wishing someone a happy birthday” thing.  Facebook will pretty much yell in your face that it’s someone birthday, and even give you an almost one-touch way to wish them a happy birthday. But this cycle is perpetuated because you feel bad that they may have wished you a Happy Birthday on your Facebook, so you leave one on them.  At this point I’m sure 90% of Happy Birthday text traffic on Facebook is more obligatory than an actual Happy Birthday message.   Unless you’re me and you used to switch your birthday around to 3 different days of the year and see if people would wish you a Happy Birthday on all of them to the point of placing bets on who would do it.  But to each their own.  Anywho, listen to the song, enjoy it, and think twice next time you just mindlessly post a Happy Birthday on someone’s wall.

Happy Birthday After the Jump!


Playing with Power

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playing with power

Dillon Markey is an animator for the stop-motion animated series Robot Chicken who shows off his re-purposed Power Glove in the “Playing with Power” by filmmaker Ava Benjamin. Nerd/geek cred is through the roof with Dillon, what a great idea for a legit use for the Power Glove. Let’s be honest, I was a kid when this game accessory came out and I wanted it. Adult Mike on the other hand knows it was not a great thing, for my money Dillon has made the best use.

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