Scientifically Accurate: My Little Pony

Short and sweet is the latest installment of the Scientifically Accurate series featuring My Little Pony. Full of diseases, some cultures eat their dicks, and they can’t fly unless they fall from a roof. These are just some of the fun facts to be had if these toons were at all based in reality.

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Tutorial – How To Put On A Sweater

This is a great new tutorial by Trevor Kelley of Short Bus Bordello on how to put on a sweater. These guys are funny and informative, a great combination. I personally don’t wear sweaters and I never really thought about why, could be because I have no fucking clue as to how one puts a sweater on. I feel safe about getting myself a sweater now though, one I can safely put on at home, so as not to look questionable in front of others.

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Daredevil / Night Court

Ah good old Night Court, a show from my youth, as I remember it was damn funny, or so young Mike really thought. Does the show stand up today? I have no idea or desire to check it out, but I do know mashing it with the new Netflix show Daredevil make for seamless intro.

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Record Store Day b/w B-est of B-sides

The new Homestar Runner video is about Record Store Day. What’s a record store? Don’t ask, I’m old I guess. If nothing else enjoy the new video and hope that maybe this is the big break for Sloshy.

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Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens Trailer 2

I think I’m on record more than once about not being the biggest Star Wars fan, but the newest Force Awakens trailer has me pretty pumped for the movie. it also doesn’t hurt that this is the Lego recreation of the trailer, and I do love me some Legos.

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Lil Thrones

Someone recently told me that Saturday morning cartoons are shit now a days and probably shouldn’t exist anymore. That revelation makes me kinda sad, I grew up on glorious Saturday morning cartoons, apparently the good ones. Well if I can I’d like to request Lil Thrones for a shot at Saturday morning cartoon redemption.

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Frozen 2

Frozen 2 is not the preview we need but the one we deserve. ADHD hits all the right notes with this one, Let it Go has to be like the new Rick roll or something. The song is played ad nauseam like none I can remember, but if this is the theme of Frozen 2, I can live with it.

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Goodnight Westeros

Goodnight moon is for babies, if you’re an adult like I claim to be, you need a more mature bedtime story. The Watercooler has just the bedtime story for all of us adults to enjoy, Goodnight Westeros.

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Email in Real Life

Email in Real Life is a new sketch by Tripp and Tyler where emails are personified in the real world. Brilliant idea and perfect for those emails you just want to punch in the face, or maybe even great for the naughty ones that occupy your junk folder.

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