Animated Short “The Kite” Created With The Unreal Engine 4

The Kite open world demo created in Unreal Engine 4 features a diverse and beautifully realized 100 square mile landscape. Everything is generated completely in real-time at 30fps and includes fully dynamic direct and indirect illumination, cinematic depth of field and motion blur, and procedurally placed trees and foliage. Get Unreal and get going for free at
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Disappointing Pokemon Evolutions

I’m not an expert to the Pokemon’s, people can confirm this but it only makes sense that not all evolution’s should be positive. If the Pokemon games start throwing in potential abominations as in evolution’s gone wrong, then I’m all in for the next installment.Hit the jump to evolveDetails

Broly vs Goku vs Animator

This is an awesome stop motion animation by Jordan Tseng in which Broly and Goku battle each other until the actual animator steps in and joins the fight. Full disclosure, I don’t know shit about Dragon Ball Z, never watched it, but I do like animation and this video is great.Hit the jump for VsDetails

Key & Peele – Family Matters

It’s been a while since I posted some Key & Peele, and this is the kind of sketch that returns them. Family Matters was a show of my youth from the T.G.I.F lineup on Friday night, I watched many hours and enjoyed all of it. What I didn’t know was the behind the scenes stuff that went on. Needless to say this is a very educational watch, it may not be 100% accurate in it’s retelling, but It can’t be any lower than 99%.Hit the jump for familyDetails

Every YouTube Gamer Ever

CollegeHumor tears apart the Youtube Gamer in their latest video, and it’s pretty hilarious. While the title implies “every” gamer, I feel like they are targeting one particular stereotype, or maybe a couple of them. Don’t get upset and tell me stereotyping is bad, I know it’s bad, except when it’s not….this time it’s funny.Hit the jump gamersDetails

Strong Bad Email 206: April 1st

Time to dust off the Compy 386…er I mean the Lappier and check some emails with Strong Bad. I know today is April 2nd, I probably should have posted this yesterday. The subject about me being a bad blogger is an entirely separate post though. In the meantime enjoy Strong Bad.Hit the jump for April 1stDetails

Internet High School

Internet High School is a new parody video by Cracked. Internet websites, apps, and services are all represented here. I wonder how much the attributes given to each personified service represent the actual service or more so the people who use it.Hit the jump for schoolDetails

Arts and Farts

The Idiots Guide to Smart People is a series by Above Average with the latest entry being Arts and Farts. These subjects are near and dear to my heart. Although I’m not educated on the finer points of art, I’m a big admirer of it. to wrap this all up, farts are never not funny.Hit the jump for (F)artsDetails

The Humpty Dance: Muppets Version

The last time we had a puppet singing on the site, Earl Sinclair was singing Biggie. This time around we go back a little further in time to watch Gonzo sing The Humpty Dance by Digital Underground. As far as mash-ups go this one is near perfect, if I didn’t know better I would think this was a real skit by The Muppets.Hit the jump to danceDetails

The Undertaker Joins The Avengers

In honor of Wrestlemania which just happened this weekend I found a sweet construction paper animation of The Undertaker Joins The Avengers by Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship. This video is perfect for taking something I don’t have much of an interest in (wrestling) and combining it with something I do (comic book superheroes)Hit the jump for an undertakingDetails

Simpsons Pixels

Ivan Dixon of Rubber House Studio and artist Paul Robertson have teamed up to create a pixel art style animation of the Simpsons TV opening. Simpsons Pixels is a great piece of work, the subtle changed made only add to its grandeur. The opening theme was redone chiptunes style by Jeremy Dower.Hit the jump for pixelsDetails

SpongeBob Does De Niro

What would it be like if actor/comedian Tom Kenny, the voice behind SpongeBob, voiced over some iconic scenes from Robert De Niro’s career. Not to take away from any of the work Mr. De Niro has done, but this version of things is pretty amazing. Have a look.Hit the jump for Sponge De NiroDetails