Aug(de)mented Reality 3

Hombre_McSteez is back with the third episode in his Augmented Reality series. Using transparency film and his iPhone Marty Cooper creates surreal animations integrated into scenes from everyday life.

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If UP Was A Horror

It always amazes me when you completely transform an existing property with some re-editing and new sounds. UP as a horror movie is the subject today, created by filmmaker Bobby Burns. The original adventure comedy was great, Pixar does exceptional work, but as with most of these re-imaginings I’m ready to watch the feature in a whole new way.Hit the jump for UPDetails

Dinosaurs: Terrible Lizards

Dinosaurs: Terrible Lizards is a short animation by Rathergood displays our extinct friends being shitty at basically being dinosaurs. Check out the video and think despite whatever happened, would they have ever survived anyways?Hit the jump for dinosaursDetails

Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling

Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling is the story of Triple H as told by Max Landis, son of filmmaker John Landis. Roughly clocking in around 25 minutes you’ll need some time available to watch the entire thing, but it’s well worth it. As a non-wrestling fan I thought this was great and highly entertaining. If you are a wrestling fan then give it a watch and let me know.Hit the jump for wrestlingDetails

PAX East 2015 – Cosplay & Games

Beat Down Boogie brings us an awesome video compilation of PAX East 2015 with all its cosplay and gaming glory. For those of you who couldn’t make it, this is a good look at some of the sights, and for those who did it’s a walk down memory lane. Can’t wait for the next one!Hit the jump for eastDetails

Dicks By Mail

Twitter0Facebook0Tumblr0Pinterest0 (Photo by budwik) Dicks By Mail is a new service where you can anonymously mail someone (presumably an enemy) a bag of gummy candy dicks. The package (get it?) comes with the note: Eat a Bag of Dicks. I’m gonna start sending these out to everyone just so they can wonder if we are enemies…Details

Lego Jurassic Park

Paul Hollingsworth of Digital Wizard Studio along with his daughter Hailee (aka Brick Grrl) and some friends created a Lego version of the 1993 film Jurassic Park. This is very impressive work, and a real good summary of the film hitting some iconic scenes. Over $100,000 worth of Lego’s were used to create this short.Hit the jump for LegoDetails

Streets Of Cage

The Sega Genesis ruled my early video game years like no other, 16-bit beat em ups especially. Grab a few friends and play Streets of Rage until our eyes bled. Streets of Cage on the other hand is an amazing fictional game that adult me can only appreciate, and maybe you too.Hit the jump for CageDetails

Hip Hop Hooray Muppets Version

It’s doesn’t get much better than The Muppets rapping Hip Hop Hooray. This is pretty much the one of the best mash-ups of all time, the age of the footage mixed with this classic track from Naughty By Nature works so well. Take this with you into the weekend, and everything will be alright.Hit the hop for hipDetails

Nintendo Partners to Develop Games for Mobile Devices

Nintendo announced this week a partnership with Japanese mobile developer DeNA.Co to bring their gaming content to mobile devices. This seems like win for everyone, bringing Nintendo content to a number of different devices will only strengthen the company among the vast number of mobile users.Hit the jump for NintendoDetails


There is nothing like a nice car wash. For me it’s a sign of spring or even just good weather where you can spend some time outside. This is where we talk about the flying rats that are birds, don’t like them and never did understand the people who keep them as pets. They are the bane of a washed car, I hope you never run into the troubles this guy has.Hit the jump for a washDetails