Time Travel To The 90’s

Whenever I think about time travel it’s always about nostalgia, never do I think of what type of responsibilities might come from it. Well turns out unless you’re a complete selfish douche there are a bunch of things you could be guilted into fixing. Check the video for a prime example.

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The Frozen Thing

The Thing mashed with Disney’s Frozen? yes please. Take your lovable characters from the recent Disney film and insert them into John Carpenters classic sci-fi horror flick and you get plenty of new fuel for your nightmares.Hit the jump for thingsDetails

Marvel Action Figures Photographed Off The Job

A new series by toy photographer Hrjoe features Marvel action figures in poses or scenes you wouldn’t normally see them in. This series is a lot of fun and Hrjoe’s talent and creativity are really on display here, you can check out even more photos over at his Facebook page.Hit the jump for 7 moreDetails

Power / Rangers : The Gritty Power Rangers Bootleg

A modern trend I’ve really been enjoying is the “gritty reboots” of old cartoons or TV shows.  This remake, made by Adi Shankar and Joseph Kahn, has been spreading around the blog-o-sphere and for good reasons.  It mixes the right amount of nostalgia with kick-ass acting and special effects.  Power Rangers always my jam when I was younger, although I always associated myself with Billy because he was smart and I liked to consider myself smart (Protip: I’m far from it) nowadays though, most would say I’m more of a Trini person, but for some crazy (and true apparently) rumors that I’m a fan of a the Far East culture, but I digress.  The 15 minutes of this “bootleg” (including the 3 minutes of credits) has kept me more entranced than many other movies I have seen recently. So take a watch, and I guarantee it’ll drag you right into it.P.S Try and pick out the famous cameos, there’s a few and it just adds that much more nostalgia to it.Nostalgia Hype after the Jump.Details

Pornstars Pretending to Cry Shows You They Have The Acting Range of a Tree

)Folks, this may come as a bit of a surprise, but porn stars aren’t the best actors in the world.  I know some of you guys may have been fooled by a “casting video” here, or a “taxi ride turned sex romp” there, but maybe you’re a little bit more lenient with your criticism when you know there will be boobies abound soon.  Well this video will clear it up for you.  The nice folks at Wood Rocket (NSFW but I hope I didn’t have to tell you a site featuring a bunch of porn stars is NSFW) did a little experiment to see if porn stars could cry on command.  I won’t spoil it for you if you want to watch the video, but I’ll give you a hint. Nope nope nope.  Most of them sound like they’re laughing, and half cover their face with a hand to hide that fact.  Only one or two really sound like they are legitimately crying, but I gotta give the dudes some credit who are just like, “yeah nope, I can’t do that.” I guess sometimes they really aren’t schoolgirls just looking to get those extra 3 points on the test to bump themselves up from a B+ to an A-.  It sucks to have to learn this from me, but sometimes ignorance isn’t the bliss you think it is.P.S Don’t get me wrong, I’m going to still watch porn like it’s going out of style.  But you know, I just wanted to give you guys a heads up on the lack of acting skills in porn. Guys, it’s super serious business.Details

Limp Bizkit Vs : The Mashups You Never Wanted

One may ask, “Adam, if we weren’t supposed to be hearing this, then why are you writing about it?” to which I will reply, “Because I heard it, and since it’s presence is now taking up valuable (arguably) brain cells, I am going to share the suffering with you.” If you’re going down with the ship may as well sink the life rafts and bring everyone else down with you, or so I believe the saying goes.  Anywho, these mashups are just way to bizarre, I’m sure there are others out there but I am only going to link two of them for you because I like to believe underneath all this hatred, I’m a really swell guy!Anywho the two mashups are Limp Bizkit vs Thomas the Tank Engine and Limp Bizkit vs Seinfeld.Enjoy! or not I don’t even know what is what or why anymore.Hit the jump to waste your brain cells.Details

Streamer Spotlight: Vasae

Since the Classy Dicks have started blogging and streaming, it’s been a pretty exciting road.  From meeting all sorts of people to visiting PAX next week, it’s been awesome.  But by far the greatest part of streaming and blogging is meeting new people who are in the same boat as you and are super supportive, like an extremely nerdy support group. We appreciate everyone who’s liked us or watched us stream or read our blogs or anything like that, but this week we’re going to focus on what the Classy Dicks are watching when they’re not streaming, and that’s Vasae.Details

The Catchiest Song About PMS You’ll Ever Hear

I was going to delve into the vaults to bring out some wacky and weird Asian video to comment on, because that seems to be my forte. However, it’s almost like Asia was able to hear my mental cries and send me an angel.  Enter, “(Good Bye) PMS” a song dedicated to PMS featuring a fairly epic battle between PMS represented as a ridiculous devil, and a woman who is currently going through PMS.  The special effects are fairly impressive, the song catchy, and the idea batshit crazy…..just how I like my videos from the Far East.  I’m guessing the song and dance is for a medication for PMS, but I’m not willing to read the fan translation of the video.  I’d rather just have my mind blown to bits by how awesome this video is without having the advertising shoved down my throat.P.S  How awesome of an idea is it to have a van full of PMS devils show up on your street and visit all the ladies going through it at once? Yes it would be a hotbed of rage and anger, but you drive down the street and see a mini-bus labeled “PMS” on the side, at least you can prepare yourself for the oncoming storm.Hit the jump to learn how to beat your PMS.Details

Robot Nom Nom

This video gave me a chuckle, cause robots need food too. All i could think of was Small Wonder, and yes I know that dates myself pretty badly. Small sacrifice on my part, it’s all about the simple pleasures.Hit the jump for nomsDetails

Harry Potter: Big Beat Repeat

Big Beat Repeat is a Harry Potter music video that essentially serves as a trailer for the series advertising it as a 90 teen rom-com, and it’s awesome. I enjoyed me some Potter books and movies alike so if you can give me something new from a re-cut sign me up.Hit the jump for big beatsDetails


Animator Nate Milton got the idea to write down any of his thoughts, images or memories for a 3 week span and then put them all together in one animation. The result was Feelings, which gives the viewer a peek into the artists consciousness.Hit the jump for feelingsDetails

We Got That B Roll

Cream Sketch Comedy is here to set you up for B Roll success. No matter what business you are starting or what type of stock footage you need, they have you covered. If you want the best and you want success hit up We Got That B Roll.Hit the jump for rollsDetails