Coffee Around The World

Want to learn how to prepare different coffee drinks from around the world? Buzzfeed has us all covered. Eh, I’m more prone to just wanting to drink all these coffees versus actually preparing them, not my fault though I’m cursed with a lazy gene. As someone who is around large quantities of coffee almost daily, and consumes a fair share this video speaks to me.

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Tall Tales

Here we have an animation by Kilogramme about some myths and or straight up lies parents may tell children for…I don’t even know, cruelty or maybe their own amusement. I’m partial to the amusement factor, lies are okay if they are funny is the lesson here, or if they completely alter ones behavior for the future…right? then it’s okay?Hit the jump for talesDetails

Scientifically Accurate: Barney

Yes, you all know where this is headed, pretty much a no brainer when you mix Scientifically Accurate with the likes of a children’s show dinosaur. There will be blood and lots of it, ADHD will not let you down. Gather around the murderous singing purple T-Rex for some valuable lessons kids.Hit the jump for scienceDetails


Nausea is the new music video for the song of the same name by Jeff Rosenstock. This is my first experience with Jeff, and I’m really enjoying our time together. Catchy song and a fun concept for a music video. If confetti was what came blasting out of my mouth when I got sick, I wouldn’t mind being sick so much…also I’d be available for parties.Hit the jump for nauseaDetails

Rainbow Narcosis

Jonathan Monaghan has created one of the more surreal animations I’ve seen in a while with Rainbow Narcosis. The description for the video states “A lamb gets lost in the multiverse” ya, so I’m not sure I give you a better idea of whats going on here other than that. Just buckle up for some weird.Hit the jump for narcosisDetails

Knight Rider 2016

Troy Duffy is not a name I have heard in quite some time, and I’m someone who enjoyed the Boondock Saints way back in the 1999. Mr Duffy re-enters our consciousness writing, producing and starring along side Sean Patrick Flanery in this Knight Rider fan film with Sam Macaroni. The tone set here is something that makes me want to see a full length feature.Hit the jump for 2016Details

Louis CK Live at the Comedy Store

A brand new stand up by Louis CK is available to purchase directly from his website. Live at the Comedy Store is a great new hour of comedy, and at a great price $5.00, if you are a fan of Louis like we are head on over to his page and download it now.Hit the jump for LouisDetails

Tattooed Pin Up Disney Princesses

Artist Tim Shumate has a series of art re-imagining Disney princesses as tattooed pin up girls. It’s been a while since I have had any art to post, and this was a good one to bring it back with. I need to find more wall space now, you can purchase prints of Tim’s work HERE.Hit the jump for 10 moreDetails

Why Unicorns Don’t Exist

Canal+ comes to us with a new ad explaining why in fact Unicorns do not exist. Well to be fair, they did at one point. Through human error and mainly this dude employed by Noah not being a very bright bulb, the rest of us get no horn headed horsies.Hit the jump for unicornsDetails

Mr Selfie

This is all too familiar, people going throughout the day staring at their smartphones. What would it be like to live your life through a device? or rather through a camera lens? Well it’s already happening for a large part of the populous. This has Skynet written all over it people!Hit the jump for selfiesDetails

Game of Thrones Season 5 Trailer

Holy balls! Game of Thrones season 5 trailer! So epic, I cannot wait for the season to start, April will not come fast enough. As someone who read the books this is really becoming bittersweet, I know the show will surpass the books before we know it. Maybe George will get his butt in gear and finish, lols.Hit the jump for 5Details