365 – One Year, One Film, One Second a Day

The Brothers McLeod bring us 365, a short featuring one second cartoons from 2013. There is no narrative, just a bunch of simple gags done over the course of the year all put into one compilation.

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Why Tipping Should Be Banned

I feel like this video was meant for me. It makes all the points I’m not smart enough to think of myself, which happens a lot. I’m one of those super smart people who has great ideas, but the road from my brain to my mouth is forever under construction so these amazing things never make it into the world…well that’s what I’m going with anyways. Pay people a fair wage, raise the prices of your services and good and remove the burden of tipping from me. 15%? 20%? everyone seemingly has their own rules and parameters for tipping, and the end of the meal game of judgement is the worst.

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Social Media Logos Illustrated as Monsters

Artist Mike Hales has taken social media logos and recreated them as monsters. During a creators block he started with the Instagram monster, and the logos snowballed from there. You can check out all his work over at his art blog.

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I Miss You

I Miss You brings a bit of humanity and personality to the blank slates we know as Stormtroopers. I wonder if this is somehow a hint at the plot of the new Star Wars movie. Stormtrooper X misses his kitty (Mr Wubbles) and just wants to get home. Adventure ensues..pew pew pew

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Bad Day at the Office

This is a short film by Studio Hansa that tells a story about bad days, good days and relativity. I really dug this video, right up until the twisted twists of all twists. Things could always be worse, you could work here.

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Scar Wars

The possibilities in the game of “what if” are endless. The video Scar Wars plays with the idea that Han Solo would be played by Tony Montana instead of Harrison Ford. I don’t think I can go with a “this one is better or that one is better”. Let’s just say they are different with equal levels of enjoyment.

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Chris Pratt Outtake On The Set Of “Parks and Rec”

I love this clip. Long before Chris Pratt was Star Lord, he was making me and millions of other people laugh on Parks and Recreation. Aside from the many interviews he has done, watching this outtake from the show just enforces my feeling that this guy is an awesome human being. Lots of energy and funny to no end, I need to get a beer with this guy.

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Cialis Balls

Sports is generally not something we have on the site, although we are sports fans. When it comes to football I’m confident saying we at Classy Dicks are Patriots fans, but this was just too funny not to post. As Patriots fans I say we must embrace the hate and controversy that surrounds the team, and will probably follow them for a good long time. Sit back, relax and laugh as they compete for a chance at another Super Bowl title.

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“Cups” The Real American Cover

“Cups” by Anna Kendrick is a song from the movie Pitch Perfect.  Now I haven’t personally seen the movie but I’ve heard mutterings that it was as good as “Mean Girls” when it came out, which is quite an accomplishment in the “Movies for what I assume are Teenagers” category.  I’ve never had any urge to watch the movie, but after seeing Jim Huish (of the band Amber’s Drive) cover of the song, I may have to rethink that.  I never thought that ammunition could make a song more appealing to my interests, but this cover did it in spades.  I almost feel like they should have a body count for the amount of cups destroyed in the video just for curiosity sake.  I mean…how many takes does it require to get the rhythm down while taking the clip out of your gun and singing to a song?  Anywho, I leave you guys a plainly awesome video.

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Conan O’Brien Gets Animated With Sterling Archer

Conan O’Brien recently got animated on an episode of Conan to have a shootout with Archer from the FX series. I wouldn’t have thought these two would make a perfect team, but they do. Watch the clip and bring on the buddy cop show, make it happen people.

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Let’s Play: Outlast – Part 15 – New Objective: Get Out

It’s  Adam vs. Billy in our finale “New Objective: Get Out”. There’s nothing like climbing ten flights of stairs only to run into Outlast’s ultimate didler. Oh Billy how you tease us. (Recorded on a twitch broadcast)

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