Boxhound is a short video starring Snake from the Metal Gear Solid series. Fury Fingers focuses their effort on the silliness that is the box hiding/gameplay of the series. After watching I don’t think I can ever refer to Snake as anything other than Boxhound from now on.

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Let’s Play: Outlast – Part 11 – Nooners, Blumpkins and Hobbits Oh My!

Part 11 of Let’s Play: Outlast. Nooners, Blumpkins and Hobbits Oh My! “Jumping into a guy with a machete is a fucking terrible strategy Hendo” – Adam 2014.(Recorded on a twitch broadcast)Hit the jump for some terrible BlumpkinsDetails

Awkward Arm Move

Games Done Quick is a great institution raising money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. That being said, here is a clip from a 2013 stream of the event. I’ll let the video speak for itself. I will say I have never successfully pulled this move off, but it’s never been in this fashion. Bravo dudes for not making it weird.Hit the jump for awkwardnessDetails


I have had many a night stumbling out of Pub (insert name here) looking to sate my drunken hunger. Late night vendors are everywhere in the city wanting nothing more than to feed that hunger with delicious foods that are in no way good for you. One thing I have missed the boat on is a food vendor turf war, how has this not happened yet? Fight for my dollars, entertain AND feed me! Also here is a sweet little cartoon about it.Hit the jump for sausageDetails

Trainspotting In 60 Seconds

1A4 Studio is back with another installment of their Speedrun series. The movie this time around is British dramedy Trainspotting, and what a great movie it is. Adam recently re-watched Trainspotting and reminded me how the movie invoked no happy thoughts for him. I rebutted Obi-Wan was a junkie before he was a jedi, so quit your whining.Hit the jump for 60 secondsDetails


Nuggets is an animated short about addiction. The star of the video is a tiny kiwi bird who becomes addicted to the sweet taste of what I assume are delicious yellow boogers sitting on the ground. The high one can attain from yellow boogers is not something you mess with, figures a silly little bird doesn’t know any better.Hit the jump for nuggetsDetails

Marshmallow Ghostbuster

Bodega Studios bring us “Holiday Spirit” starring the Marshmallow Ghostbusters. The familiar is not the one you expect and some of you won’t even know. I in fact know him though, because I’m old and liked his show as a child. Upon seeing re-runs of it recently though, it has not stood the test of time. Don’t be scared though, Harold Marsh, Bill Mallow and Dan Puft are here to protect you.Hit the jump for ghostsDetails

Burrito Van

It’s Wednesday and we are all only halfway through the week, total yuck amirite? Well I have here for you Burrito Van which is about as happy as I can get today, so go for a spin in it, after each ride you will only get happier and happier, your smile bigger and bigger. Even if you don’t like burritos, just get in!Hit the jump for burritoDetails

Smart Pipe

Smart Pipe is a social media-connected toilet pipe that tracks users’ with anal scans and monitoring waste. It  stores the data in a floating orb somewhere in the ocean, that’s captained by a robot. This infomercial was featured on Adult Swim, so now you know exactly what you’re in for.Hit the jump for pipeDetails

Sock Puppet

Berlin-based Sticky Biscuits is here to make us think of the term sock puppet in a whole new way, and thanks for that. I know I’ve been trolling through life with just a general concept of what is and could be a sock puppet. So enjoy this totally NSFW music video.Hit the jump for socksDetails

Let’s Play: Outlast – Part 9 – Pro Tip A.F.T.S.

Part 9 of Let’s Play: Outlast “Pro Tip A.F.T.S.”. Pro Tip: Avoid the Fire and Throw the Shocker. Hendo n’ Adam call out Mike as who is the best Classy Dicks’ Gamer… then hit the Loo.Hit the jump for Mike’s Call OutDetails