Clips From the ‘Wayne’s World’ VCR Board Game

Justin McElroy has compiled some clips taken from the Wayne’s World VCR board game based on the classic Saturday Night Live sketches and movie. From what i’ve read the creators of the game were unable to secure Mike Myers or Dana Carvey for the games VHS clips, so what you get is some mish mash of shit thrown together from I don’t know where. Did anyone ever get into the VHS game hype? I know I didn’t, shit just seemed weird. I was never a fan of board games in general as a child, and adding a video to it would do nothing for me. Turns out i was right not to like them, shit is just weird and uncomfortable like those summers spent at Uncle Freddies.

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Aqua Teen Hunger Force Does Carl’s Jr

After being criticized in the past for their television commercials where models are seen eating their product, Carl’s Jr has taken a different approach. We all know the women who used to show off the fast food products would not be caught dead eating the stuff, but now the perfect spokesman has arrived. Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force is a no brainer. Take a look.Hit the jump JrDetails

Bad Games: Man Vs Wild – Episode 04

Classy Dicks presents: “Bad Games” Man Vs Wild episode 04 with Mike and Hendo in Failed Trappings. For the love of god please kill this bear… I can’t believe I’m saying this but after so many failed attempts, I think I’ll take my chances with the snake’s dick bites.Hit the jump for trapsDetails

Vegan Deli Protest

Vegans are a weird bunch sometimes.  I know quite a few and they have never done anything bizarre.  Then I see this video and I question everything.  These vegans (*spoiler alert*) stage a funeral for a frozen chicken in front of a deli because “It’s not food, it’s violence.” their words, not mine.  I honestly don’t know if these guys have even tried any of the better meats, maybe some capicola, sopressatta, or proscuitto (Yes I’m very aware my Italian is showing), but if I think if they did try some they would realize just how delicious that murder can be.  Hell, one time I had a Foie Gras appetizer with a veal entree which I dubbed, with some accuracy, the “Animal Cruelty Meal”.  And it was fucking amazing. If I saw these folks protesting at my deli I would reorder that meal in a New York second (with an addition veal patty), place the Foie Gras between the two veal patties, essentially making the 1%’er Double Down, and go enjoy that sandwich right in their face.P.S  Maybe if they started eating some meat, they wouldn’t need 4 people to carry a cardboard casket with a 10 lb chicken in it.  I mean, I’m sure they would say it’s done to help drive their point home, but I say that Kale probably doesn’t have all the nutrients you need, guys.Hit the jump for Senor Pollo’s Eulogy (trigger warning, may want to make you punch any uppity vegan you come across)Details

Bad Games: Man Vs Wild – Episode 03

Classy Dicks presents: “Bad Games” Man Vs Wild episode 03 with Mike and Hendo in a Constructive Challenge on how to build a shelter. We learn who hunts and who gathers.Hit the jump for shelter knowledgeDetails

Garfunkel and Oates – Such a Loser

I’m a huge fan of Garfunkel and Oates.  As far as parody songs go, they have some pretty damn catchy tunes and smart lyrics.  The Loophole (Fairly NSFW lyrics) and Weed Card are some personal favorites.  Such a Loser deviates from their formula a little bit and comes across as a backhanded compliment-y type way.  The animation is pretty basic, but it works with the song as a whole, so I’ll allow it.  And let’s be honest for a second.  Everyone’s a loser in that regard, but damn persistent losers.  Because everyone sucks at this life thing, and it’s been going on for however long and if you’re reading this then you’re still going strong at it.  Except me, I’m pretty fucking rad. I mean I write for a blog, what do you do? I don’t see you writing for Classy Dicks!! I’m popular and cool damnit! FUCK! Arguing against myself on a blog probably makes me a loser, huh? Shit. Time to cheer myself up with a nice little melody.Hit the Jump for some inspiration, losers.Details

Workout Wednesday With Zack Anner

Let me ask a question. What do you when life deals you the CP card? I’ll tell you what you do. You go Zack Anner on CP! That’s what!!! What a positive outlook on life this guys got. He takes a debilitating disease and runs with it. Not literally, cause he is in a wheelchair. So put on your workout gear cause its Workout Wednesday!!Hit the jump for your personal MilestoneDetails

Jack – 0 Hot Glow Stick – 1

Hey self lets put a glowstick in the microwave real quick. OK self but Dad says it’s bad idea. Whatever, Dad will never find out!  Well, turns out Dad knows his shit, and Nothing like adding insult to injury. Not only do you have third degree burns, you have also poisoned your face and ruined your beautiful shirt you ding-a-ling.Hit the jump for poison controlDetails

Bad Games: Man Vs Wild – Episode 02

Classy Dicks presents: “Bad Games” Man Vs Wild episode 02 with Mike and Hendo in “Heat Zone″. If you ever wanted to know how to handle predators in the woods, this video will not help you in any way, shape or form. So buckle up for more alcohol and misinformation as we continue on our survival adventure.Hit the jump for the heatDetails

5 Foods You’ve Been Eating Completely Wrong

Our job here is not just to entertain and be silly, we also have the civic duty to inform and educate. With that here is “5 Foods You’ve Been Eating Completely Wrong”. Now I don’t want to point fingers, but if you haven’t been pulling the screws out of your bananas before eating them…Hit the jump for learningDetails

6 Kid Nightmares and Their Adult Equivalents

CollegeHumor brings us 6 Kid Nightmares and Their Adult Equivalents. Some of these are spot on and some not so much as they relate to children or even adults. Losing teeth as a child was no fear at all, in fact it meant money in my pocket. My parents essentially had extra eyes on me to prevent me from de-toothing my mouth to go buy the newest video game. Getting murdered by a fire-breathing bear with a machine gun is still a very real fear as an adult, don’t judge.Hit the jump for fearDetails