The Life and Death of Tommy Chaos and Stacey Danger

“The Life and Death of Tommy Chaos and Stacey Danger” is a sci-fi rom-com short directed by filmmaker Michael Lukk Litwak. If some of your interests are life, love, battling T-Rex’s with laser helmets and submarine spaceships, this film is for you. The film has won numerous awards and was the Michael’s NYU thesis film.

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Bad Games: Man Vs Wild – Episode 01

Here it is folks, the moment you didn’t know you were waiting for.  Classy Dicks presents: Mike and Hendo in “Survival 101”.  Want to know why red centipedes suck? Does dying really make you less thirsty? Why not head over to youtube and check out Classy Dicks new series “Bad Games” The Man Vs Wild edition episode 01.Hit the jump for forest schoolDetails

Weekly Wrap 11/07/14

Twitter0Facebook0Tumblr0Pinterest0 First week of November is in the books and to me it’s officially the holiday season. Some would argue that the season doesn’t really start until Black Friday, but that hasn’t been true in a while. Thanksgiving is gonna be on us in no time, Xmas music is already playing on the radio, so…Details

Too Many Cooks

Too Many Cooks is a new short that recently debuted on Adult Swim, and is a parody of opening credits to 70’s/80’s television shows. Created by Casper Kelly whose credits include Squidbillies, Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law, and Aqua Teen Hunger Force. There should be no surprise to how awesome this is, it goes on for about 12 glorious minutes and gets more and more bizarre.Hit the jump for cooksDetails

Steven Seagal Runs Like a Girl

This was sent to me recently and while it’s not remotely new, it’s still fantastic. I grew up watching Steven Seagal movies and never even noticed he ran like a small child, and I’ve even seen small children who don’t run all floppy armed like this guy. So keep doing you Steven, I still Love you.Hit the jump for the runsDetails

Key & Peele – Buying Mattress For $ex

Well into it’s 4th season Key & Peele continue to be one of the best sketch comedies on TV. I’m pretty sure we could dedicate the entire site to Key & Peele and not run out of hilarious stuff to post. Buying Mattress For $ex is the latest to have me rolling, this kind of shit has to happen right? I sure hope that it does, I’d happily give that person the one finger shake.Hit the jump for sex beds (NSFW)Details

Skeletor The Burn Master

DreamWorksTV has created a compilation of Skeletor insults, and it’s awesome. Do you want to master the skill of sick burns? Step 1 is study Skeletor, step 2 burn away!Hit the jump to sling burnsDetails

Animator Vs. Animation IV

In the continuing battle between Animator and Animation, there must be a winner, right? Considering everything today is connected I’m going with animation, anything that live within the 1’s and 0’s gets the edge. Awesome work here by Alan Becker, the Animator Vs. Animation series has been great!Hit the jump for the videoDetails

A Retrospective Review, “Chopping Mall”

Here at Classy Dicks the writers have a wide array of knowledge usually in varied subjects. A hobby turned interest of mine is campy 80’s horror movies that are just so terrible they’re amazing. Since I’ve seen quite a few in my 28 years, I figured I would chronicle them here for you, the readers. Today I cover the shopping mall horror flick, “Chopping Mall”. This movie was released in 1986 and was directed by Jim Wynorski, whose IMDB page reads like a weird mix between every SYFY movie you’ve seen and an amateur porn director.But anywho onto the synopsis and review.Details

What’s On Your Mind?

HigtonBros brings us “What’s On Your Mind?” a short film about Facebook, life, and deceit. I love this film, it’s dark and basic in its concept. How much truth it out there in the Facebook world? I’d personally like to take the pessimistic view of “not much”, it’s just my nature. What’s On Your Mind? gives you a first hand look at online deceit and what people will do for that “like” just to feel better. So like this post!Hit the jump for peace of mindDetails

The Trials and Tribulations of Being a Skeleton

With their latest short The Trials and Tribulations of Being a Skeleton Gentleman Scholar give us what some difficulties are with the afterlife. What a shit deal, you’ve already gone through life once and now you need to learn and experience things as an undead skeleton. No thanks, bring me back as a mindless zombie or not at all.Hit the jump for skeletonsDetails

Science in Motion

Thank God NASA has nothing else better to do than drop a Bowling Ball and some Feathers from a near zero-G silo somewhere in Ohio, because this video is actually pretty awesome. It’s like a high school science teacher’s wet dream to finally have a video of this experiment because it demonstrates a pretty awesome science theory. If you don’t know what happens, I won’t spoil it for you, but the video is certainly cool to watch. And I mean honestly, if for some reason you’re having trouble trusting Dr. Brian Cox as a physicist just remember this tidbit. He was the keyboard player in D:REAM, and they put out the mega-hit “Things Can Only Get Better” so he has nothing to prove to your sorry, non-90’s-dance-song-keyboard-playing ass.Hit the jump for some goddamn Science!Details