Lady Is A Tramp

Vimeo use Dvein has a sweet treat for us in the form of a glob of flesh with a mouth, but wait that’s not all. This would be an utterly unfinished piece of work without said glob serenading us with everyone’s favorite show tune.

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Brick Flicks

Filmmaker Morgan Spence has recreated a bunch of film scenes using LEGO bricks for his short film “Brick Flicks: Famous Films and Movie Posters in LEGO.” The stop-motion animation was created to promote the book Brick Flicks: 60 Cult Movie Scenes & Posters Made from Lego by LEGO master builder Warren Elsmore.Hit the jump for LEGODetails

MARCEL The Shell With Shoes On, Three

Marcel the shell with shoes on is a weird little creature voiced by Jenny Slate and co-created by Dean Fleischer-Camp. I’m not to sure what to say about this, other than I like it, and most of you do as well. With over 30 million hits on all the Marcel videos combined.Hit the jump for MarcelDetails

Interstellar Spaceballs

I’m not sure if Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar is going to be any good (I hope it is) buuuuuttttt I do know mashing it up with Spaceballs is, thanks to The Unusual Suspect. I loved Spaceballs as a kid, it had everything you could want, space, John Candy, aliens, and Daphne Zuniga so hot, a true smoke in her day and age hasn’t been bad to her either. Princess Vespa holler at ya boy!Hit the jump for stellarballsDetails

Second Puberty

What a discovery CollegeHumor has made, Second Puberty? I didn’t even know this existed, but we all should have. It just makes too much sense, and as someone in their 30s…fuck it’s all downhill from here.Hit the jump for pubertyDetails

Halloween Safety Educational Film

Filmmaker Jason Willis has spliced together footage from a 1977 Halloween safety educational film he appeared in, with the theme song from The Munsters. Halloween is almost here and this video will remind all of you to stay safe….in 1977. Ok, really I don’t know what this video will tell you specifically, but it’s super cool because in 1977 children threw these lavish holiday parties that adults were not allowed to attend. If only I had been born into that decade of adolescent superiority, I’d be so much cooler now.Hit the jump for 77 HalloweenDetails

Sense and Sensibilities and Spiders

Twitter0Facebook0Tumblr0Pinterest0 Here at Classy Dicks we discuss many topics. Most we bring to the website in the form of amazing blogs. Others we discuss off the site between the Dicks. One of the most recent discussions was the topic of spiders. More specifically, should they be allowed to stay in your house. My argument was…Details

Animated GIF Street Art by A. L. Crego

Here we have various pieces of street art and photos by artists Sr. X, Artestenciva, Levalet, Pejac. A. L. Crego has taken the liberty of turning these into animated GIFs for our viewing pleasure. When are we going get some sort of affordable poster sized tablet to stick on the wall so I can showcase stuff like this in my little apartment in the hood? I’d be so cultured looking! A guy can dream.Hit the jump for 4 moreDetails

Jeff Goldblum Laugh Remix

I love Jeff Goldblum, this guy has been in so many films. I definately have come to enjoy his work more and more as I get older. The Life Aquatic really stands out for me, but all that aside Mr. Goldblum has an iconic voice and laugh too apparently. So let’s take his laugh and loop it with some music….oh ya solid Goldblum Remix!Hit the jump for laughsDetails

The Greatest American Jedi

Robert Jones has created a mashup of the original Star Wars Trilogy set to the theme of the 1980s television show The Greatest American Hero. Is it bad that the only thing I remember about the show was the theme song, and I do kinda still like it. It’s just one of those happy songs you can just hum and smile. Star Wars is ok too I guess. Cheese factor 1000, and I’m giving zero fucks!Hit the jump for heroesDetails