Embarrassment, Thy Name is Audience Guy

This video has been making the rounds, and everyone is so quick to make fun of this embarrassed guy for clapping along to what I imagine is a cheesy foreign song. Using only the visual clues it’s something about cannons, butts, and maybe some whipping? Sounds like a jolly good time, but I digress. My main point is, let s/he who hasn’t tapped / hummed / or sang along to a cheesy song cast the first stone!  Songs like that are meant to burrow down to the deepest part of your brain, the primal part of your brain that just really really enjoys simple, cheesy and awful songs. I catch myself doing it all the time in the car on the way to work, but luckily my Sonata isn’t the BangBus so there are no cameras in there. Hell I think I could recite verbatim Mariah Carey’s “Always be My Baby” if I had a gun to my head. I choose not to for the sake my Man Cards, but I could. And I need to go drink all night now that you all know my deep dark secret. So what I’m saying is, clap on Audience Guy and just live it up! It’s a long way until you get old and can properly not give a fuck.

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Carl Sagan Video Re-cut Because Drugs

This is a re-edit from the Mars episode of the original Cosmos series with Carl Sagan. Lets start and end with I have no idea why this was done, but i can’t stop watching it. Also drugs, my money is on drugs, that’s why this exists…all the drugsHit the jump for wtf!Details

Limited Edition Breaking Bad Blu-ray Cases by Ralph Steadman

Illustrator and cartoonist Ralph Steadman has created limited edition Blu-ray cases for all six seasons of AMC’s Breaking Bad. In collaberation with director Vince Gilligan, Steadman has created six different covers. One for each season of the show. While all the covers look great, it has to be all Walter White all the time , amirite?Hit the jump for 5 moreDetails

Text Message Confusion

So much can be misunderstood within a text, and we have all been there countless times. It can be especially frustrating when the text is going to or coming from someone you may not know all that well. Here Key & Peele show us one of the worst case scenarios, and they know each other pretty well.Hit the jump for textingDetails

Get To The Diapaaaaa!!!

I loves me some Bill Hader. Guy is pure genius. Leave SNL? Not sure if it was a wise career move Bill. And just when you go and pull the dumbest move in career suicide history…..  you totally redeem yourself. He goes on Coco, and comes up with the next greatest thing to sliced bread, Schwarzenegger Baby! Coco is 1000% right.  If he makes this a show, skit, podcast, Vine, Tweet etc. I’m all over it. I just hope he can put some Stefon into it!Comon! Hit the Jump! Hit it now!Details

Enter the Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

Borderlands the Pre-Sequel comes out today, and as someone who has logged in a ridiculously large / sad amount of time into Borderlands 2, I’m excited. Borderlands is one of those games that has always balanced difficulty / story / and character development really well. The new game has 4 new vault hunters taking on the moon, in a time before Borderlands 2 and after Borderlands 1 (hence the Pre-Sequel) where Handsome Jack was in the process of taking over the Hyperion Corporation.  All the gameplay videos look amazing so far, and adding an oxygen gimmick to the battle system seems pretty damn fun too. I know a lot of people had hoped the Hyperion Space Station would be DLC for Borderlands 2, but making a whole game based around the moon where it orbits is a damn good substitute.P.S You pretty much have to buy a game that uses The Final Countdown in its trailer video, right?Hit the Jump to Take a Journey to Pandora’s MoonDetails


Have you ever found a giant alien robot out in a field, and wanted to make it your friend? No I haven’t either, but I’m accepting applications for real friends! anyone?…anyone? Envoy is directed filmmaker David Weinstein, and tell the story of a boy who finds an alien life form, and get wrapped up in a government operation.Hit the jump for envoyDetails

Halloween Costumes With Smartphones And Tablets

Looking for a new twist on your Halloween costume this year? Look no further than Digital Dudz, they have costumes and masks that perfectly fit many sized phones and work with their free app. This is right up my alley, I’m historically lazy when it comes to Halloween. So now that I can just get a mask and throw a phone in it for an added effect, maybe I wont have the worst costume this year.Hit the jump for weenDetails

Game Of Thrones, An Animated Journey

Blackmeal has created a beautiful animation of Game of Thrones seasons one through four. This short animation quickly touches on points from the previous 4 seasons and is a mini primer for season 5. When is season 5? like in April? god I don’t know how I’m going to make it to 2015 without more GOT….I just needta inject it in my veins somehow!Hit the jump for the GOTDetails

The Bottle Boys Perform ‘Locked Out of Heaven’

Denmark-based The Bottle Boys newest cover song is Bruno Mars ‘Locked Out of Heaven’. Very impressive stuff here, the time and skill it takes to tune all these bottles has to be tough. I tried to make music for the masses with empty beer bottles before, but I just spit all over myself…then the cops haul my ass off of the playground.Hit the jump for bottlesDetails

Portal Gun Duel

Take two Portal guns and splice them with a gravity gun, what you get is the RackaRacka’s new video Portal Gun Duel. Brutal, bloody, and fun as per usual with the RackaRacka. Top notch effects every time out, take a look.Hit the jump for portalDetails