Gritty Reboots – Adventure Time: The Movie

Gritty Reboots new short is Adventure Time: The Movie. Live action Adventure Time? yes please, yet to me parts of this aren’t as weird as the cartoon. That alone is disturbing, but not as disturbing as my childhood neighbor who would feed all the kids ice cream and put on puppet shows in his basement. What good times, and now expensive therapy.

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Be Safe Out There, Fellahs

Hey guys, we’ve all been there with a questionable hookup where one condom just doesn’t seem like it will do the job. Double bagging is always an option but you run the risk of friction ruining your day even more. Enter this Atlanta-based company to have your back. They bring you the Scroguard, which is a rubber set of underwear you put on below your boxers to ensure that when you’re bumping uglies, there’s no collateral damage. The advertisers say it’s like wearing a second skin, but unless your name is Buffalo Bill one set of skin to fiiiine in my opinion. Plus they say to wear it before you go out so you can just put on the condom later, but let me ask you a question. Is wearing what is essentially a rubber diaper around all day really going to be comfortable, or more importantly, get you laid? It’s ultimately on you fellahs, but I say save your $20 and spend the money on some liquid courage and a box of Lifestyle Snuggers like I do.Hit the jump for the tutorial on Skroguard.Details

Mother of Skulls

This has got to be one of the coolest things I’ve ever stumbled upon. Artist Gregory Halili displays a series of hand carved skulls on gold-lipped and black-lipped oyster shells. The level of detail is just crazy on these flawless, anatomically correct pieces.Hit the jump for the full gallery!Details

World War I With ‘War of the Worlds’ Tripods

Take archived footage of World War 1 combine it with the Tripods from War of the Worlds, and you get Great Martian War. The short film was directed by Christian Johnson and Steve Maher, with music by Working For a Nuclear Free City.Hit the jump for warDetails

DC Comic Heros And Villains Imagined As Norman Rockwell Saturday Evening Post Covers

DeviantARTist OnlyMilo has taken DC Comics heroes and villains and created Saturday Evening Post covers in the style of Norman Rockwell. So much art and so little money, otherwise I would own all of these and then some. No need for paint or wallpaper in my house, or even siding for that matter. Inside and outside art in your face!Hit the jump for 4 moreDetails

Saturday Night Live Does “Whites”

I have to say SNL seems to be getting edgier this season with their sketches, and it may be the spark the series needs. With a lot of the stand out cast members departing the series over the recent years many of the sketches were hit or miss, and mostly miss. Enter the “Whites” a comedic look on demographics in America.Hit the jump for whitesDetails

Don Hertzfeldt Does The Simpsons

The Simpsons are known for their Couch Gags at the beginning of each episode dating back to their first season in the 80’s. Don Hertzfeldt is known for his eccentric animations he’s been doing for a while such as Rejected (linked here with text commentary from Don) and Ah L’amour.  These things combine into something that is just delightfully bizarre. As a random note too, in the 27 seasons of The Simpsons, it also turns out to be the longest couch gag time-wise. So thank you Don, for making millions of people tilt their head in confusion at the same time, which should hopefully be another record set by this video clip.Hit the jump for the video, you’re going to need to see it to believe it.Details

Mother Nature: Beauty and Disgusting Together

This video tells the age old tale of Leech meets worm, Leech teases worm, Leech eats worm whole in what I can describe is a pretty horrific manner. Nature is definitely pretty disgusting, as can be seen from this video but let me lay some knowledge down about double standards now.  If a lady came walking up to you and casually told you that she could suck up something as long as she was, and as wide as her mouth without any bodily harm or ill side effects, you would probably consider it to be one of the hottest things you have ever heard. So just sit back and think about how prejudiced you really are about lower forms of life. Really think about it. Now that you’re ashamed of yourself, here’s the video.CLICK HERE FOR NATURE PORN XXX HOT STUFFDetails

Thirty Years of Naughty Dog Art Show

The Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra, California has a group art show going on until October 12th celebrating Naughty Dogs 30 years in game development. The artwork featured will be based on Uncharted, Jak and Daxter, and The Last of Us video games. Naughty Dog is the single reason I own a PS3 and will own a PS4, is there a game in recent memory from these guys that wasn’t good?Hit the jump for Naughty DogDetails

T-Shirt Bonanza Extended!

Twitter0Facebook0Tumblr0Pinterest0 Sup Dicks and Chicks, Hendo the t-shirt gimp here and I want to let ya’ll know all our awesome T-shirts will be on sale until October 14th. This is all due to popular demand, and the awesome fact that you guys DON’T want me sitting in a cubicle the rest of my life. Help…Details

Lose 30 Pounds Tomorrow! Get The F*ck Out A Here!

So the guys over at Bro Science Life put together a little motivational video on how to be a “Gym Hater”. It is not for the weak of heart. Get it, see what I did there “Gym” weak ……  Well any ways, you got 6 steps. Learn them, memorizes them, repeat them. And before you know it, you’ll be crushing legs and not the guy washing his dick in the Chili’s sink.Hit the jump to blame it on DNADetails

Lesley the Pony Has an A+ Day!

Love ponies or hate ponies this is the video for you. Lesley the Pony is just looking to have a fun time in Merryville with his buddy the Duke. This video was made by Christian Larrave and was recently the RISD Junior project and Winner of Best Undergraduate Animation at the Ottawa International Animation Festival.Hit the jump for an A+ dayDetails