The Simpsons Springfield At Night

This is a series by artist Tim Doyle where he recreates Springfield locales from The Simpsons as one would eerily see them at night. I love Tim’s art style here, and could see myself really enjoying some sort of animated project of the same style. The Simpsons may have gotten long in the tooth for some quite a while ago, but if they can keep inspiring talented people like Mr. Doyle, keep em around a bit longer.

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Dr. Who with a Tim Burton Twist?

I’ve always enjoyed the art style of good ol’ Tim Burton, but what happens when the macabre charm spills into one of my favorite series Dr.Who? Check out these portraits made real by Michael Kenny!

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Condoms: Not Just For Your Dick Anymore

The Far East is on a damn roll this month!  First, a tripped out animated music videos from South Korea. Now, the Japanese putting out a cookbook on how to cook with condoms.  I can’t read Japanese so I can’t be sure, but I don’t think they actually EAT the condoms in the end, just use them like a spermicidal flavored quesadilla or burrito wrap to hold the food in.  It was conceived as a way to make the population more aware of prophylactics, to prevent the spread of STD’s and unwanted pregnancies.  Let me tell you something though, if you start using this cookbook and making these meals for your dates you will start buying condoms and having them in your possession, which will hopefully lead to safe sex! The bad news: Any self respecting person who sees their date cooking with condoms is going to get so far out of Dodge they’re going to have one of those cartoon dust trails behind them.

No Sex = No STD’s  or Unwanted Pregnancies

So I guess you win Japan?

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Those Krazy Koreans Are At It Again

Ever since the Koreans started animating the news, there’s not doubt that they have been a powerhouse in the ridiculous animation department. Now they are stepping up their music video game and let me tell you, it’s stupidly brilliant. When we were young we all did the impressions of Native Americans, putting our hands in front of mouth and taking them away to make a sort of “OoOoOoOo” sound. Well South Korea just one upped us on this and made a fucking song out of it. And they complimented it with a crazy as balls video as well. If I could go back in time and tell my younger self that if I could change the tone a few times and record myself I would be well on my way to being internet famous in the future, you could be damn sure I would do it.

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Bill and Ted 3 Coming to a Theater Near You

Twitter0Facebook0Tumblr0Pinterest0 This news has been out for a while, but there’s a new Bill and Ted movie coming out, and I’m personally excited for it!  Having grown up with the antics of Bill. S Preston and Theodore Logan, I can’t wait to see what adventures middle aged Bill and Ted have.  Maybe they’ll go back and…


Suffer Slings And Arrows

Let me start this off with I hated Drama in high school. With That said, there was always that one hot chick we wanted to impress with our acting prowess, am-I-right? So let’s go ham on some Shakespeare and bust a wing. No really lets go all in.  If this guy is going to have any shot at those panties dropping he needs to bring the A game. So thanks chair and welcome sympathy, aka mercy poon.

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7 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Fight Club

Fight Club is one of my all time favorite movies and it’s an even better book. Not to mention it just about single-handedly solidified my Brad Pitt man crush. So with a new David Fincher film on the horizon Cinefix has revisited Fight Club for some facts you may or may not have known about.

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The NFL Takes A Stand Against Domestic Violence

We don’t generally post about the sport ball games over here at Classy Dicks, but this video had me going. The UCBComedy Team Pocketwatch gives us multiple NFL responses to domestic violence. Domestic violence is no joke, but the way the NFL has been handling it’s business with its stars getting into trouble with the law has been pretty pathetic. So thanks to the UCB for calling them out on their bullshit

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♫ Listening Post – Imagine Dragons

Warriors is a new music video by alt rock band Imagine Dragons. This video was created for Riot Games and the League of Legends 2014 World Championship. Song is pretty good, and the video is cool shit, all animated. Every now and then I forget that League of Legends is one of the biggest competitive games on the planet, often something will cross my desk to remind me.

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2001: A Space Odyssey In 60 Seconds

1A4 Studio is back with another Speedrun and this time it’s the Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 film 2001: A Space Odyssey. Sit back and enjoy, I liked this version better than the original.

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Alamo Draft House Anti-Cell Phone Ad

Alamo Draft House is at it again with another zany Anti-Cell Phone ad. ADH has been on the vanguard of trying to get rid of cell phones in theaters and it’s a crusade I can definitely get behind. This clip has Kevin Smith (a personal hero of mine) telling you that if he catches you looking at your cell phone, he’s gonna show you his moobs.

I think this threat is fantastic, because even if it’s an empty threat it gets you thinking. What horrors are you going to see when he lifts his shirt up?? Being a fat person I can give you  the inside scoop on this. Fat people don’t wear shirts in the pool and at the beach because it’s a stylish and they’re planning on using their hip dress styles to steal your woman. They’re wearing their shirt because what’s underneath is so damn hideous that the moobs and stomach on every fat person looks like they makes a sad face to accurately describe their inner feelings. A sad face that reminds everyone what one too many ding dongs will do to you down the line. And I think that thought might be just strong enough to make you put your cell phone down for an hour and half and enjoy a flick.

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