♫ Listening Post – Linkin Park

This is the new single “Until it’s Gone” from Linkin Park. Their new album Hunting Party hits stores (lol stores) or via digital on 6/17. The song isn’t bad and it isn’t great either, pretty much boilerplate for Linkin Park, and exactly how you would expect it to sound. Not much evolution to the band over the years, but i’m pumped for the next track “Sticks and Stones”.

Hit the jump for the video


Childhood Characters Not Exactly How I Remember Them

These are illustrations from DeviantARTist Tohad, all part of his BADASS series. Most of these I do in fact know from my childhood, and wouldn’t mind seeing them live on screen.Yeah I know it will never happen, though I bet that’s Christopher Robins leg right there and by my account he deserved what Pooh gave him. Nice velcro sneakers Chris, you dink!Hit the jump for 43 more, cause art is good for youDetails

Treadmill Fail

Beautiful and simple in it’s execution. Did you not hear it buzzing a million miles an hour? Quit chatting up the ladies and get to work, it’s gym time bro not amateur hour at the bar.Hit the jump to failDetails

Hands Free Robotic Arm For Snacki…Oh God!

This is a demonstration of a hands free  snacking and gaming device created by Mattessons snack foods. No thank you, i’m not buying one of these ever. The robotapocalypse starts just like this, mark my words. First It’s feeding then follows up with raping and killing.Hit the jump for the videoDetails

When It’s Game Of Thrones VS Lord Of The Rings, Everybody Wins

The Youtube duo The Racka Racka are back with another video in line with their previous Harry Potter versus Star Wars installment. This time however we get Game Of Thrones versus Lord Of The Rings in a battle for supremacy over the remote control.Hit the jump for the videoDetails

Apollo Snores Like A Cartoon

Meet Apollo the English Bulldog. He likes reading, watching movies, and playing at the beach all day. Also Apollo snores like your favorite cartoon character from childhood. It’s decided Apollo rules.Hit the jump for ApolloDetails

Trailer Post – Birdman

Up to this point the only movie Alejandro González Iñárritu has directed that I’ve seen is 21 Grams, and that’s going back more than 10 years. This trailer did it for me though, good cast, good song (slowed down version of crazy) and it’s a black comedy. I’ll be seeing it this fall, you should too, or just continue being lame.Hit the jump for the trailerDetails

Swimming With A Go Pro…Oh Hi Mr Shark

The ocean can eat a shit, this isn’t even “out” in the ocean, it happened in Sydney Harbour. My first thought was this is fake, just seemed to perfect, as soon as he jumped in the guy on land yells shark, but as far as I can tell it’s legit. I’m not swimming without a gun from now on, or at the very least using the buddy system. Now accepting applications for a “shark bait” friend.Hit the jump to quit swimmingDetails

Game Of Thrones Theme Jazzed

Here we have the Swamp Donkeys playing their version of the Game Of Thrones theme song live from BB King’s Blues Club in New York City. I’m digging it, and i’m not all that into jazz, but it plays for me. Mostly because it’s Game Of Thrones, and that shit occupies a lot of real estate around this site. Deal with it!Hit the jump for the videoDetails

Last Week Tonight – FIFA and The World Cup

As with last week’s Net Equality segment, John Oliver examines FIFA and The World Cup, Some of the back story about the current WC being held in Brazil.  As you may have heard there have been protests in Brazil about the country’s allocation of money to multi-million dollar stadiums being built all over Brazil for 4 WC  tournament games each.  When the World cup leaves these stadiums will not have much use, even with the popularity of futbol or soccer there.  The citizens, rightly believe, the money could have been better spent on social services or cleaning up the poverty stricken favelas.  All of this is examined in this hilarious segment.Hit the jump for the videoDetails