Kenny Powers is Back! …Sort Of

Danny McBride is back.  Man I love this guy and so does HBO.  Just signed him to a new 18 episode deal.  It’s about vice principals of high schools.  If this is anything like, and I mean anything like EB&D, one word, hilarious.  The stuff this guy got away with is mind blowing.  Now that they now know what they can get away with….  mix that with high school… Solid Gold. Your Fucking in.Hit the jump for my top 5 Powers momentsDetails

Net Neutrality

Net neutrality is a huge deal, and if you are like me there is a lot about it you don’t know. Does or will it affect you? well if you use the internet, then yes. So here we have John Oliver from Last Week Tonight informing and entertaining you on the subject. Do yourself a favor and check it out.Hit the jump to get learnedDetails

H. Jon Benjamin As HAL 9000

Going back all the way back to Home Movies H. Jon Benjamin has been making me laugh. I’m addicted to Archer and Bob’s Burgers has grown on me, so it goes without saying I thought this was pretty good. I know it would have made me enjoy 2001: A Space Odyssey a whole lot more.Hit the jump for the better odysseyDetails

You Bee You, Swag Times A Million!

Jacob Williamson just completely rocked the Scripps National Spelling Bee. Did he win? No he did not, but exspelled so much enthusiasm and confidence, unlike most other kids who go up for their turn and are complete zombies. You couldn’t help but notice and cheer for the kid. I also looked up the word he lost on “kabaragoya” for you folks, I already knew what it was. I just didn’t want any of you to feel stupid. It’s a big lizard, you’re welcome!Hit the jump for swagDetails

♫ Listening Post – Foster The People

New music here from Foster The People, I can totally see myself playing this around the office. It’s always a bonus when you get a good song and an even better video to go with it. Here we have a model who canabalizes other models/women…everybody wins! amirite?Hit the jump for the videoDetails

Slayer – Raining Blood Banjo Cover

Rob Scallon is back, and he’s ditched the comfort of his home and cute ukulele in favor of a banjo to melt your faces off with Slayers Raining Blood! Only thing the video was missing is a young Burt Reynolds rafting downriver and Ned Beatty bent over a log…oh well you can’t win em all RobHit the jump to be deliveredDetails

Reality Augmented With Animation

This is a video from Hombre_Mcsteez in which he augments reality using clear celled stop motion animation. It’s a simple little video that is assuredly worth watching, and by simple I mean way beyond my capabilities. The only way I know how to augment reality is to stand at a safe distance and crush your head between my fingers or maybe I’m just trying to get a booger off of them…who’s to say?Hit the jump for a new realityDetails

‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ a Classy Dicks Review

OK you got me…Checked out X-Men: Days of Future Past over the weekend to see what all the hype is about, I was gay for this movie when I first saw the trailers. Its got Tyrion Lannister, Jennifer Lawrences’ blue boobies, shit blowing up, Wolverine on steroids, Warpath and Blink… who isn’t ready for this one?Hit the jump cause Ebert’s got nothin on me…too soon?Details

Movies Re-Imagined From Another Time And Place

This is from series 1 of an ongoing series of movies posters remade from another time by artist Peter Stults. I really like the fact that Peter has not only just redone the posters to look from a different era, but also changed the cast of the movies to represent that time as well. Peter sells all of his work on his website, and a few of these would look really good on my wall.Hit the jump for 16 more postersDetails

Has Anyone Enjoyed A Tornado More Than These Guys?

Are these guys so hardcore they would hang around a watch a tornado come down on top of them or am I just a pussy? It’s more than likely a combination of both. Goddamn look at that thing, I’m gonna allow myself two reactions. 1-stand motionless like  a deer in headlights pissing myself only to be swooped up, 2-run screaming like a little bitch, pissing myself…only to be swooped up.Hit the jump for a tickle of mother natures wrathDetails