Lurking is a game I stumbled upon recently that I enjoyed quite a bit. Lurking is described as a survival horror game but to me it was more on the stealth/strategy/puzzler type game. You awake in what I believe to be a hospital of some sort and through your exploring you come across the red man who wants to put his mouth on you, not in a good way either, because then you die. So your objective becomes escape the building without him catching you. Visually the game is wire based which took me a minute to adjust to, and the game uses the microphone for gameplay interaction. Check it out, it’s free, you have no excuse.

Hit the jump for the gameplay video and the download link


And…It’s Monday, Back With Funny Animals

Kicking off this week with an animal video, because why not?  Parts of this really made me laugh, If you own a pet, you know all about the shit they can get into. And ya it’s Monday and I’m at work, aren’t you? no? Well you’re a jerk and we aren’t friends anymore.Hit the jump for animal hijinks’Details

Keep It Classy Dicks This Memorial Day Weekend!

It’s Memorial Day weekend everybody! Have a fun safe weekend, and keep it classy! Good food, good family, good friends, maybe meet a classy chick or two? just don’t go getting yourself more than 2 girlfriends this weekend, as this 5 year old bro can attest to, shit is stressful. Keep it to 2 homies!Hit the link for the videoDetails

Game of Thrones Styled As Disney Animation

These are the beginning of an ongoing series of digital stills by Fernando Mendonca and Anderson Mahanski imagining Game of Thrones as Disney animation. You may think that Game of Thrones has way too much fucking, gore, murder, incest and dicks for the wholesome style of Disney. To that I say, shut up dummy!Hit the jump for 4 more stillsDetails

Superhero Watercolor Paintings

This is a series of watercolor superheros created by artist Blule. These paintings are pretty great. If I had stuck with watercolor I could have created awesomeness like these, but I quickly moved on to macaroni art and eating glue.Hit the link for ten more super watercolorsDetails

Slayer-War Ensemble Covered On A Ukulele

Very impressive, Rob Scallon absolutely rocks war ensemble here, and on a ukulele no less. I’m not saying ukuleles are cool now or anything, but if they ever needed a voice for their cause it should be this.Hit the jump for some sweet shreddingDetails

Alec Baldwin Gets the Taiwanese Animated News Treatment

Oh how you entertain me Taiwanese animated news, but also inform, that’s very important. I’ve given up on all the other garbage out there. CNN, FOX, ABC, NBC, CSPAN blah blah blah, fuck you, no thanks. I’ll take my news animated, exaggerated and completely ridiculous.Hit the jump for THE NEWSDetails


This is a short made by AlfredImageworks and I think it’s safe to say that it’s better than most of the animated stuff on television. Shame on you AlfredImageworks for propagating the stereotype of lazy space deliverymen. Although…Hit the jump for the cartoon sweetnessDetails

Voteman! or else!

Voteman was a creation of the Danish Parliament and published to their Youtube channel with the intention of encouraging young people to vote. Sadly,Voteman may never get the chance, the video was pulled down a day after it launched. Sex and violence sell pretty much everything except my urge to vote, unless i’m voting for sex and violence.Hit the jump for the NSFW videoDetails