Captain America’s Song Bout Murica

Captain America has really let himself go, to become truly murican. Fox’s ADHD has put out some real quality stuff, and I think it continues here, I laughed got depressed and also learned stuff. Go Murica! Hit the jump for Murica

Lobster Head Theater: Series 1

Lobster Head Theater is prestigious arts group of the kitchen. Through their interpretations, present highly acclaimed movies, dates in history and everyday drama of human life. Warped and delusional just like the producer Chef Whyte. Lobster Head Theater is about amusement, laughter and delicious lobsters. Remember kids, Play with your food! Keep going  for 2 more

Underwater Egg

So this is what happens when you crack an egg underwater, didn’t you want to know? I didn’t either. It’s cool to see fish like eggs as much as I do, I wonder if they like all the other breakfast foods just as much, get on it Steve Zissou, nice helmet by the way. Keep…