Barely Legal Pawn

One of the greatest duo’s ever is back together again! Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul star in Barely Legal Pawn a new reality TV show. I don’t want to spoil it, but I think we can all agree whatever these 2 touch is gold. YEAH BITCH! Hit the jump for barely legal

Mario World Theme, Now With Lyrics

FOX’s ADHD is back with Songs You Didn’t Know Had Lyrics: Super Mario World. Thank god or whatever deity you worship for the internet so we can watch the very funny shit on ADHD without having to sit in front of the TV on Saturday nights. So now we know Mario is an asshole, enjoy!…

Magic Card Trick Tutorial

Comedian Matt Ingebretson is here to teach us we can do magic, and who doesn’t want to learn magic? The key ingredients are persistent confidence and some charm. So what are you waiting for? Go make some magic. Hit the jump for magic


Bizarre creatures made from faces, that’s what you’re in for here. Malfunction was created by animator Cyraik, and probably some very hard drugs. Keep doing what you do Mr Cyraik, you keep the interwebs interesting for me. Hit the jump to malfunction

Facial Fitness Pao

This fancy little ball gag with wings is the newest fitness item out of Japan. The Facial Fitness Pao runs for $135, and claims to firm and tighten your face. It must be true right? because Cristiano Ronaldo is the spokesperson, but fuck that, i’m not buying this until Cristiano tosses one of these little dicks with…


What’s Kevin Pollak been up to lately? who cares, because he has plenty of time to give us Sharklumbo. Pollak does some pretty amazing impersonations, Peter Falk among them, so I enjoyed this quite a bit. Sharklumbo oddly reminded of the old SNL skit Land Shark. Hit the jump for sharklumbo

Tribute to the Classic Films of Late Comedian and Actor Robin Williams

AlexCarter has created a supercut video tribute to the films of late comedian and actor Robin Williams. So many great memories of the amazing person’s work from my childhood right into adulthood. Robin Williams talent will be greatly missed in the world. R.I.P. 1951-2014 Robin Williams was a big part of my childhood, he would always put a…