Halo VS Call of Duty

Have you not been following the RackaRacka? well here is their latest in case you missed it. Halo vs Call of Duty pits some COD fans against Master Chief himself in this epic battle which of course destroys a home, oh and also there is a juggernaut. Hit the jump for VS

Five Nights At Freddy’s On Super Nintendo!

I’m a big fan of the retro animated video game throwbacks (need more adjectives) and  Five Nights At Freddy’s On Super Nintendo! by indeimaus is no exception. Does FNAF still scare you on the Super Nintendo? Check out the video and get nostalgic with me, or just consider yourself lucky you grew up post the 16-bit console…

Redneck Avengers: Tulsa Nights

Redneck Avengers is the latest from the folks over at Bad Lip Reading. Some of the bad lip reads are hit or miss for me, but I’m enjoying this one quite a bit, It almost rivals the Game of Thrones video they did. Hit the jump for Tulsa