Listening Post: Sublime with Rome – Wherever You Go

It’s been a while since we had a listening post so it’s time to get back at it again. The newest single from Sublime with Rome “Wherever You Go” is currently getting a lot of play in the office, and while no it’s not the same as the original lineup of Sublime, it’s not bad either.…

LEGO: First Person Shooter

LEGO: First Person Shooter is an animated short by AndrewMFilms where LEGO figures are inserted into popular first person shooters. Damn near anything can be Legofied and it’s usually better than the original so check out the video. Hit the jump shooter

The Britishes – Handjob Sketch

It’s almost 12pm, and I’m willing to bet most of you aren’t prepping for that nooner. Instead of dwelling on that point why not just sit back and watch The Britishes Handjob Sketch, I’d say it’s NSFW but you don’t care about that anyways. Hit the jump for jobs

Cool Stuff We’d Do If We Were Ghosts

Haunting people sounds so exhausting, I thought death was suppose to be about resting. CollegeHumor gives us some ideas on things they would do if they were ghosts, and maybe somethings you would do as well. Hit the jump for ghosts

Taylor Swift – Shake it Off Rotoscoped

Animators from University of Newcastle each took a frame of the Taylor Swift hit song Shake it off and created something that at times resembles the actual video and at times resembles a nightmare. Hit the jump to shake

Halo VS Call of Duty

Have you not been following the RackaRacka? well here is their latest in case you missed it. Halo vs Call of Duty pits some COD fans against Master Chief himself in this epic battle which of course destroys a home, oh and also there is a juggernaut. Hit the jump for VS