George Costanza as Other Pop Culture Characters

30 Days of Costanza is an art series created by Nicko Phillips where he’s taken George Costanza from the Seinfeld television show and reimagined him as other characters across pop culture platforms. Sobchak is my favorite. Hit the jump for Costanza

Walt Disney Recycled Animation Scenes

The only thing that comes to mind is the Disney animators used to be a bunch of slackers, just loafing around and re-skinning scenes essentially. You’ve all had a good run, but now you done been found out thanks to  Movie Munchies. Hit the jump to recycle

Flash Gordon Classic

I had no idea who Flash Gordon was, sure I’ve heard of him but that’s as far as it goes. Enter Flash Gordon Classic a cool short animated film by Robb Pratt. If I go by this film Gordon is an ex football player turned astronaut who fights villains and aliens in space, also jiggly…

When Were You The Most Hurt?

Members of CollegeHumor tell their tales of personal injury due to some good ole fashioned dumbness. I’m jealous I have no good injury stories, basic childhood injuries, no broken bones, some stitches, man I’m so boring. Hit the jump to hurt

The Last of Us Cinematic Playthrough

Storyteller Grant Voegtle has created an amazing cinematic experience based off of The Last of Us. Editing his play through like a television series gives a whole new way to digest the game. All episodes are currently live except for the episode 7 which is the conclusion of the series and is on the way. Hit the…

Parkour Stunts on Moving Cars

Stunts involving a moving car is no joke regardless of the speed and I know. I remember a while back Hendo rolled over the hood of his moving car for a school project, hurting his side and breaking the antenna in the process. Many chuckles were had. This video is the top 5  Parkour Stunts…

Illustrations To Explain the Meanings of Australian Idioms

If you’re planning a trip to Australia then have  a look at these Illustrations by Jared Atkins for HotelClub. Traveling somewhere and not knowing the local lingo is how you get eaten by a dingo or bludgeoned by a kangaroo. Hit the jump for 9 more