Lil Thrones

Someone recently told me that Saturday morning cartoons are shit now a days and probably shouldn’t exist anymore. That revelation makes me kinda sad, I grew up on glorious Saturday morning cartoons, apparently the good ones. Well if I can I’d like to request Lil Thrones for a shot at Saturday morning cartoon redemption. Hit…

Frozen 2

Frozen 2 is not the preview we need but the one we deserve. ADHD hits all the right notes with this one, Let it Go has to be like the new Rick roll or something. The song is played ad nauseam like none I can remember, but if this is the theme of Frozen 2,…

Email in Real Life

Email in Real Life is a new sketch by Tripp and Tyler where emails are personified in the real world. Brilliant idea and perfect for those emails you just want to punch in the face, or maybe even great for the naughty ones that occupy your junk folder. Hit the jump for email

How Brain Parasites Change Behavior

Sure Jaap de Roode is telling me all the important information about brain parasites, but the only thing I can really focus on is which one I want in my head to get me through Monday. Yuck, only 4 more days till the weekend. Hit the jump to change

If “Avengers: Age of Ultron” Came Out In 1995

Like most every other nerd out there I’m pimped for Avengers: Age of Ultron which hits theaters on May 1st. New York Magazine gives us a trailer for the movie if it had come out in 1995, oh how I don’t miss the standard def visuals and the now iconic trailer voice overs. I would like to…