Simpsons Pixels

Ivan Dixon of Rubber House Studio and artist Paul Robertson have teamed up to create a pixel art style animation of the Simpsons TV opening. Simpsons Pixels is a great piece of work, the subtle changed made only add to its grandeur. The opening theme was redone chiptunes style by Jeremy Dower. Hit the jump…

SpongeBob Does De Niro

What would it be like if actor/comedian Tom Kenny, the voice behind SpongeBob, voiced over some iconic scenes from Robert De Niro’s career. Not to take away from any of the work Mr. De Niro has done, but this version of things is pretty amazing. Have a look. Hit the jump for Sponge De Niro

Last Week Tonight: April Fools’ Day

I may have been 8 years old when I figured out April Fools was a bunch of bullshit, a day made up out of who knows where. A day where liars get to have fun being liars with zero accountability. John Oliver is here to right the wrongs of this silly day, let’s all take the…

The Walking Dead (Part 2!) – 8 Bit Cinema

This is a pretty accurate summary of The Walking Dead seasons 3-4 in 8-bit video game format, the video game era of my youth. Time to get nostalgic and break out the old consoles, sadly I don’t have The Walking Dead 8-bit game. Hit the jump for 8-bits

Self-Defence Circa 1933

May Whitley stars in this self defense tutorial from 1933. The name of the video is “The Weaker Sex! (Sayest Thou!), and while that may in fact not be true. What is true is would be thieves from that era sure are a dapper lot. Don’t fuck with May fellas. Hit the jump for 1933

Science Of Power Ups: Sonic Invincibility

Spike pits, lava pits, and my favorite poor decision pits are no match for Sonic’s Invincibility. Mashed series the Science Of Power Ups takes us through the discovery, pros, and cons of invicibility…and maybe a few side effects. Hit the jump for science

Scientifically Accurate: Pinky & The Brain

Scientifically Accurate is here to ruin yet another set of characters from my childhood, Pinky & The Brain. There is some nightmare inducing stuff in here for any child, and I’m not just talking about the animal testing. It’s interesting how heavy into anti animal testing this episode went, the ADHD stuff tends to be a…