Time Travel To The 90’s

Whenever I think about time travel it’s always about nostalgia, never do I think of what type of responsibilities might come from it. Well turns out unless you’re a complete selfish douche there are a bunch of things you could be guilted into fixing. Check the video for a prime example. Hit the jump for 90’s

The Frozen Thing

The Thing mashed with Disney’s Frozen? yes please. Take your lovable characters from the recent Disney film and insert them into John Carpenters classic sci-fi horror flick and you get plenty of new fuel for your nightmares. Hit the jump for things

Marvel Action Figures Photographed Off The Job

A new series by toy photographer Hrjoe features Marvel action figures in poses or scenes you wouldn’t normally see them in. This series is a lot of fun and Hrjoe’s talent and creativity are really on display here, you can check out even more photos over at his Facebook page. Hit the jump for 7…

Harry Potter: Big Beat Repeat

Big Beat Repeat is a Harry Potter music video that essentially serves as a trailer for the series advertising it as a 90 teen rom-com, and it’s awesome. I enjoyed me some Potter books and movies alike so if you can give me something new from a re-cut sign me up. Hit the jump for…


Animator Nate Milton got the idea to write down any of his thoughts, images or memories for a 3 week span and then put them all together in one animation. The result was Feelings, which gives the viewer a peek into the artists consciousness. Hit the jump for feelings

We Got That B Roll

Cream Sketch Comedy is here to set you up for B Roll success. No matter what business you are starting or what type of stock footage you need, they have you covered. If you want the best and you want success hit up We Got That B Roll. Hit the jump for rolls

Lil’ Sweet Self Employed

Lil’ Sweet is the new face of Diet Dr Pepper, well I’m not sure that’s true. For me though he is and I love him. I don’t really partake in the sodas anymore but maybe if Lil’ Sweet was bringing em to me I might have to think on it. Hit the jump for sweetness

If All Presidents Acted Like House of Cards

For Presidents Day ADHD gives us “If All Presidents Acted Like House of Cards” and it’s awesome. If this was the type of entertainment value they could have put on my history classes back in high school I might have paid more attention. Also, anyone else as excited as me for the new season of…

Save The Bros

Organic Valley has an ad campaign going aimed at saving the bros. What you didn’t know bros were endangered? Well I’m with you, I don’t think they are either. The bro colony is like a hydra, when one bro falls off two more pop up in their place. That’s not to say they shouldn’t be…