Dji. Death Fails

Dji is currently holding the position as Death, collecting the souls of the recently departed. Taking these souls to their final destination isn’t always that simple, as we see here with one stubborn truck driver and a run of bad luck for Dji. Hit the jump for death

Pop Danthology 2014

Musician Daniel Kim is back with his “Pop Danthology” series with the 2014 entry. Pop music by and large isn’t something i listen to regularly. I can get behind some of it, but really I lean more and more on the mash-ups. Take all the pop songs, grab all the best parts/hooks and make one big…

8-Bit Nintendo T-Shirt Designs By ‘NES My Life’

NES My Life are some brand new t-shirt designs from Jeremy Kalgreen. The new T’s depict “real life” as 8-bit Nintendo game graphics. Just in time for X-mas! These are all great choices as gifts! (hint, hint) buy me gifts. Hit the jump for NES

The Great Duct Tape Escape

I was over at the Walmarts watchin the Youtubes and dis feller says you can break out of any taped up handcuff situation no matter the kind they use. Just make this one magical motion and boom, you be free. So here we have Nathan presumably giving this escape tutorial a go with some heavy…

La Detente

Directors Pierre + Bertrand took 4 years to create “La Detente” a 3D animated film. The film explores the mind of a French soldier in World War I who escapes into his mind to cope with the horrors of front line trench warfare. Hit the jump for war

Unedited Footage of a Bear

This video is not at all what you think it is, and that’s the point. If you are at all familiar with Adult Swim’s Infomercials, then you’re somewhat aware of what you are about to get into. Claridryl is a great new drug that will relieve you of those annoying alergy symptoms, and possibly have…

I’ve Fallen, and I Can’t Get Up!

Dave Fothergill a visual effects artist brings us “I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up”, which is a test for the Autodesk Maya 3D animation software. This is the perfect video for me right now. It’s Wednesday and we are in the think of the holiday season with 8 days to go till Christmas, and…

Life is Strange

Life is Strange is a new episodic adventure game from DONTNOD and publisher Square Enix. The story follows high school senior Max Caulfield who has returned to town after having been gone for 5 years. She discovers a classmate has gone missing under suspicious circumstances and sets out to solve the mystery, also Max has the…

Santa Traps

In a sketch cut for time on SNL Martin Freeman plays Michael Braslow, a man all too interested in catching Santa. What would one even do if they caught Santa? Would you fly on his sleigh? Visit the North Pole, or use Santa’s magic to give yourself awesome gifts? Michael Braslow wants to do none…

CONAN Season 4 Supercut

Conan is up there as my favorite late night host, and has been for a long time now. I barely get to tune in, but I find late night TV is perfect for spot watching clips, specific interviews or skits. The season 4 super-cut has arrived and it’s glorious. Hit the jump for supercuts