♫ Listening Post – Imagine Dragons

Warriors is a new music video by alt rock band Imagine Dragons. This video was created for Riot Games and the League of Legends 2014 World Championship. Song is pretty good, and the video is cool shit, all animated. Every now and then I forget that League of Legends is one of the biggest competitive…

SPAWN: The Recall

This is a fan made film called Spawn: The Recall as the title would tell you. What you won’t know is that this film is awesome. I remember the abomination that was the Spawn (1997), man I loved Spawn and that movie was just yuck all over the place. So if there ever needs to…

What It Would Be Like ‘If Girls Proposed to Guys’

Fatawesome is a Massachusetts-based sketch comedy group. In their latest video they explore a world where women propose to men instead of the other way around. Go ahead girls, try and defend this one. Hit the jump to propose

♫ Listening Post – Ylvis

Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis have a brand new single out, Truckers Hitch. While this is not nearly as funny or catchy as The Fox, these guys have a lot of talent and i’m looking forward to more music from them. Hit the jump for knots

CollegeHumor Does the Jony Ive Apple iPhone 6 Commercial

CollegeHumors new iPhone 6 parody commercial is legit. To hear their version of Jony Ive spewing his nonsense is fantastic, in his nice dull tones. Even though i’m an apple user i’m on board with pretty much everything they say here. Some basic things have been missing from this phone for a while now. Hit…

Fangirls and Spoilers

This video by Leigh Lahav is about how Fangirls deal with having Game of Thrones spoilers dropped on them. I had no idea this sub-culture even existed, you don’t have to tell me twice. Never spoil Game of Thrones for any girl ever! Hit the jump for spoilers

George Mason University Pep Band

This is the George Mason University Pep Band doing their renditions Rage Against the Machine’s ‘Killing In The Name‘ and ‘Bulls on Parade‘. Pretty good job here my school band never did cool shit like this, if they had I may have joined band…. No, no I still wouldn’t have Hit the jump for one time in…