Bad Vibes

Bad Vibes is an animated short by Michael Marczewski where everyday electronic devices turn on their owners for some sweet revenge. Now that I know game controllers have deadly lasers inside them, all the batteries are coming out! Hit the jump for vibes

Sexting To Help Vote

South Carolina congressmen James Clyburn (D) knows what the kids today are doing and saying. James is hip to all the jive, so whether you’re texting, sexting, or computer mailing. Get your ass to the poles. At least someone watches C-Span or these gems would be lost forever. Hit the jump for sexting

Old Cartoon Characters: Where Are They Now?

This is a short animated film by Steve Cutts, and is the current Staff Pick on Vimeo. Here we get to take a peek into the lives of cartoon characters from yesteryear, and overall I would say it isn’t pretty. The job market and bad economy doesn’t just affect us real folks. Most of the…

History of Nintendo’s Handheld Game Consoles

Bitrocket has recently altered an animation made by Vimeo user Dadot. Some of the animations and backgrounds were changed, but overall not too different from the original and pretty cool either way. If you are old like some of us, then you remember all of these handhelds. Hit the jump for handheld history

Star Wars Throne Room Scene Without Music

The Auralnauts have created this video where the Throne Room scene from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope is stripped of all of its music. All we are left with is the sounds of the room, and an awesome new Chewbacca voice. I love this video just as much as all the music videos out there…

Super Bad Mario

Super Bad Mario was created by Youtuber Pastek in which Mario from all the Nintendo games ever is inserted into “fail videos” and is the cause of everyone’s destruction. The evidence is starting to add up, this isn’t the first time Mario has been caught being an asshole. Hit the jump for bad Mario

Honest Movie Trailers – Godzilla (2014)

I’m so glad that Screen Junkies did their Honest Trailer for Godzilla. A movie I was so pumped to see after hearing so many good things and positive reviews. What a pile of dog shit this movie was, Bryan Cranston is barely in the movie so he can’t save it. The story itself is poopoo,…

Last Week Tonight – Student Debt

John Oliver of Last Week Tonight recently tackled student debt in the U.S.. I knew student debt was bad, but I didn’t know it had gotten this bad. Although I shouldn’t be surprised It took me almost a decade to climb out of my own student loans. Student debt had tripled in the last 10…

Dick Graze

Dick Graze is a new advertisement for the movie 22 Jump Street, and it’s hilarious. Channing Tatum was no where on my map as an actor even though he has done his share of action, sports, and Magic Mike movies until 21 Jump Street. people like to shit on Hollywood for its remakes from yesteryear, but for…