The Toy Wars

If andrewmfilms can teach us anything, it’s that toys can be used for good violence and mayhem. Well at least these 2 pedos are playing with toys and not little kids, total creepers. I’m calling it here, this was a battle for dibs over the hulk hand kid, and dibs is serious shit. Hit the jump…

Dog Enjoying Her New Water Fountain

It’s always great watching a pets mind get blown away by simple things, like a water fountain you step on to operate. For a dog it equals endless fun, and after multiple views i’m not getting tired of it. Hit the jump for the video

Game Of Thrones Soccer Uniforms

These are Game of Thrones inspired soccer uniforms created by designer Nerea Palicios. I would consider learning to play soccer to wear these, well only house Targaryen because no other house has dragons. Dragons win every time hands down. Keep going for 8 more

Captain America’s Song Bout Murica

Captain America has really let himself go, to become truly murican. Fox’s ADHD has put out some real quality stuff, and I think it continues here, I laughed got depressed and also learned stuff. Go Murica! Hit the jump for Murica

Underwater Egg

So this is what happens when you crack an egg underwater, didn’t you want to know? I didn’t either. It’s cool to see fish like eggs as much as I do, I wonder if they like all the other breakfast foods just as much, get on it Steve Zissou, nice helmet by the way. Keep…

Chris Rock Hosts The BET Awards

Chris Rock hosted the 2014 BET Awards, I haven’t seen Chris do stand-up in quite some time but he still has it. I’m probably not going out on a limb saying his monologue was the best part of the whole show, award shows are basically garbage. Hit the jump for the video

Slip ‘N Slide Off A Cliff 50 Feet Above The Water

This is a video by Devin Supertramp where he and a bunch beautiful people create a slip ‘n slide to launch themselves off a 50 foot cliff into Lake Powell. What better way to remind us it’s summer time than to watch this and be jealous. I may just have to oil up a tarp to…

Evovles Gun Safety PSA

Evolve is going with the “if they find, they will play with it” angle in this gun safety PSA, but after watching it i’m convinced that dildos are just inherently “more fun” than guns for playtime. How about in a real fight even, do you want to get shot? or just slapped and hit with…