Teddy Love, The Vibrator Faced Bear

Teddy Love is a new IndieGoGo campaign with hopes of bringing vibrator faced teddy bears to the masses . Have you ever been some place public and had a large adult toy protruding from your purse or bag? Well suffer embarrassment no more, you can carry around a Teddy Love now, problem solved. As of…

Hollywood Blockbusters With More Selfies

Russian TV channel TNT shows us that even if you are the hero of the movie, if you do something cool and then take a selfie, you are just an ass. Very well edited montage, the scenes they choose fit pretty seamlessly. Hit the jump for the video

Pete Holmes Ex-Men: Jean Grey

Pete Holmes does it again with his latest installment of Ex-Men with Jean Grey. Holmes has done quite a few of these, and you can check them out on his Youtube channel, they are all pretty great. Dare I say some of them even make sense. Hit the jump for the video

Irish PSA For Road Safety And Anti Speeding

This is by far the most fucked up PSA I’ve ever seen. Way to go Ireland, I get it! Don’t speed around corners where children are playing. You could have accomplished your message with less “kid squishing”. Soundtrack was decent though. Hit the jump for the video

Game Of Thrones Season 4 Impressions

Steve Love is back at it with his Game Of Thrones Season 4 Impressions. If you haven’t seen his videos you’re in for a treat. Steve does all the characters you love from the show and even some you don’t. Hit the jump for the video

How To Remove An Owl From Your Home With A Swiffer

Pretty crazy the owl let this guy move him out of the window on a swiffer, but not without a complete death gaze, no thank you. That’s just terrifying, video 1 is exactly how I would’ve reacted before locking the door and moving out of the house. Sold “as is” people, i’m open to negotiation. Hit…

David Bowie & Mick Jagger – Dancing In The Street…Musicless

I remember when I saw the original music video for this song and thought it was one of the gayest and funniest things ever. This is damn near as good as the original and funny for even more reasons. Hit the jump to dance in the streets