Riding An Elevator In Chile, That’s A Hard Pass

This is Jose Vergara Acevedo from Chile riding in all likelihood his last ever elevator. After entering the elevator and pressing his floor number it quickly malfunctions, sending Jose 31 stories in 15 seconds and crashing into the roof of the building. Jose is expected to make a full recovery, but I will not. The…

Sir Mix-A-Lot + The Seattle Symphony

Now in its third year, Seattle Symphony’s critically acclaimed Sonic Evolution project creates a bridge between the Symphony and Seattle’s storied reputation as launching pad for some of the most creative musicians on the popular music scene. Each year, in celebration of the past, present and future of our city’s musical legacy, Ludovic Morlot and…

Lightning Strikes Truck Driving On Highway

Holy shit! Does it get scarier than having a fireball hit your car? Airbags deployed from the hit and the metal body of the truck rippled from the heat. Consider my pants officially soiled, if you need me i’ll be in my house…forever Hit the jump for natures hadouken

Cougar Hunter

Fucking gross dude! 30 year difference and you are 31, not acceptable. No i’m not after their money, bullshit. Different strokes for different folks yada yada, who are they hurting? Me and my eyeballs, I can’t un-see it, nightmares forever fml Hit the jump to lose your lunch

Flaming Selfie

Is this a photobomb attempt? I don’t even know anymore, but when you are willing to lean over an open flame for a chance to be involved in a picture or video. Game set match you win. Oh, hey everybody this is Ginger. If you are going to take out a camera, let her in…

♫ Listening Post – Big Data

It’s Friday! we made it! here comes the weekend. I’ve been jamming to this song for a while, and the video is just awesome. Sex, violence, and music the great trifecta, what else do you even need? food? water? all irrelevant. Kick back this weekend and rock that shit out. Hit the jump to get dangerous

Why Aren’t There Any Cartoons About Beastiality? Oh Hey Netflix

Bojack Horseman is a new animated series coming to Netflix. The show follows the titular character who is a washed up actor from the 90s complaining his way around Hollywood. It stars Will Arnett, Amy Sedaris, Alison Brie, and Aaron Paul. The trailer didn’t blow me away, but i’ll check it out, because I have…

NHL Logos Get The Simpsons Treatment

Instagram user ak47_studios has simpsonized NHL logos for your viewing pleasures. You are more than welcome to continue on and see the rest of them, but I put the best one on page one. Suck it habs fans! Hit the jump for more Simpsons/NHL goodness

Drunk Sing-A-Long On A Train

I’ve been drunk, but i’m not sure I ever reached the point of an incoherent sing-a-long. You are so drunk you can even form words anymore, yet you can lead a train crowd to join in the song. Total power move, big time swag, and charisma for days. My money says bro got laid after…

The Mountain Can Deadlift 994 Pounds

What the fuck man, are you kidding me? Hafthor Julius Bjornsson who plays The Mountain on HBO’s Game Of Thrones is a beast pure and simple, and he’s only 25. You could look at what this guy did on the show and say “hey it’s movie magic” but not me. This guy could cut a…