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Dinner with Jon Snow

With Game of Thrones premiere of Season 5 just around the corner, my man crush for Jon Snow hasn’t been harder. Seth Myers helps my declared love with this funny little bit “Seth Myers Brings Jon Snow to a Dinner Party”. Hit the jump for snow

Let’s Play: Outlast – Part 15 – New Objective: Get Out

It’s  Adam vs. Billy in our finale “New Objective: Get Out”. There’s nothing like climbing ten flights of stairs only to run into Outlast’s ultimate didler. Oh Billy how you tease us. (Recorded on a twitch broadcast) Hit the jump for Outlast’s conclusion

Let’s Play: Outlast – Part 14 – Tommy John and the Golden Bananas

Part 14 of Let’s Play: Outlast “Tommy John and the Golden Bananas” has Adam reminiscing on his church days while Hendo’s luck continues to amaze us. Outlast says goodbye to Father Martin and hello to the wall rider. (Recorded on a twitch broadcast) Hit the jump for golden bananas

Let’s Play: Outlast – Part 13 – I’ve got the Shiny’s Disease

Let’s Play: Outlast part 13 titled “I’ve got the Shiny’s Disease” has Father Martin glitches, high fives with dead people and a little more Hendo luck for the win or we’ll see another epic fail chasing the shinny’s. (Recorded on a twitch broadcast) Hit the jump for shiny 13

Let’s Play: Outlast – Part 12 – Monster Wings No Bueno

In Part 12 of Let’s Play: Outlast – “Monster Wings No Bueno”. Hendo shits himself and Adam proclaims his former life as a gigolo. (Recorded on a twitch broadcast) Hit the jump for some Adam sex talky

Let’s Play: Outlast – Part 11 – Nooners, Blumpkins and Hobbits Oh My!

Part 11 of Let’s Play: Outlast. Nooners, Blumpkins and Hobbits Oh My! “Jumping into a guy with a machete is a fucking terrible strategy Hendo” – Adam 2014. (Recorded on a twitch broadcast) Hit the jump for some terrible Blumpkins

Let’s Play: Outlast – Part 9 – Pro Tip A.F.T.S.

Part 9 of Let’s Play: Outlast “Pro Tip A.F.T.S.“. Pro Tip: Avoid the Fire and Throw the Shocker. Hendo n’ Adam call out Mike as who is the best Classy Dicks‘ Gamer… then hit the Loo. Hit the jump for Mike’s Call Out