Mother of Skulls

This has got to be one of the coolest things I’ve ever stumbled upon. Artist Gregory Halili displays a series of hand carved skulls on gold-lipped and black-lipped oyster shells. The level of detail is just crazy on these flawless, anatomically correct pieces. Hit the jump for the full gallery!

That Escalated Quickly…

Enter: Albert the Squirrel. In this short story, “The Missing Scarf“, Albert the Squirrel must find, you guessed it, his missing scarf. Through his travels, however, it seems he’s not the only one with a problem. Written, directed and animated by Eoin Duffy and narrated by the great George Takei, we give you: “The Missing Scarf“. Hit…

Gotta Shame ’em All!

Having a dog is sometimes hard. Having a dog that breathes fire is a whole other story. How do you discipline something that can black out a major city or upset the balance of the universe? Pokéshaming of course! Hit jump to see the shame!

Dr. Who with a Tim Burton Twist?

I’ve always enjoyed the art style of good ol’ Tim Burton, but what happens when the macabre charm spills into one of my favorite series Dr.Who? Check out these portraits made real by Michael Kenny! Hit the jump for Dr. Burton