Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared 4

After dealing with Monday and the start of another work week, Tuesday seems like the day to start getting weird. Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared 4 is about a computer who wants to teach you about itself in relation to you and the digital world. Hit the jump for hugs

PAX East 2015 – Cosplay & Games

Beat Down Boogie brings us an awesome video compilation of PAX East 2015 with all its cosplay and gaming glory. For those of you who couldn’t make it, this is a good look at some of the sights, and for those who did it’s a walk down memory lane. Can’t wait for the next one!…

This Is It

This Is It is a short film by Alexander Engel about 2 college guys getting their first apartment together. What ensues here is plain and simply life. Worries, responsibilities, jealousy, sex and everything in between. Check it out everyone because this IS it. Hit the jump for this

Mr. Piggy Dies in 25 Dimensions

Mr. Piggy Dies in 25 Dimensions is the perfect way to start your work week, well it is for me. This video is bizarre and simulates some hardcore hallucinogenic effects, and if that’s what you need to start the week I’m here to provide it for you. Sit back and go on a splendid journey with…

The Unemployed

The Unemployed is a short film by Crazy Pictures out of Sweden, and yes the video is in Swedish so turn on your captions. Apparently getting a full time job in Sweden is no easy thing, so here we have an action packed/comedic take on the situation. Hit the jump for unemployment

The Frozen Thing

The Thing mashed with Disney’s Frozen? yes please. Take your lovable characters from the recent Disney film and insert them into John Carpenters classic sci-fi horror flick and you get plenty of new fuel for your nightmares. Hit the jump for things