Honey is Really Bee Puke

Honey is great. It’s perfect for drizzling over your toast or stirring into your tea, it’s also the special ingredient in your favorite lip balm. What most people don’t know is that during the trip from the flower in the field to the jar on your table, honey spends an awful lot of time in a bee’s gut.

People Are Awesome 2015

Our annual compilation of the web’s best viral videos of 2015! Huge thanks to everyone who shared their amazing videos this year and to Owl City & Aloe Blacc for the incredible track Verge! Thanks also to all of you for watching, commenting, liking and sharing our videos this year!

Tutorial – How To Put On A Sweater

This is a great new tutorial by Trevor Kelley of Short Bus Bordello on how to put on a sweater. These guys are funny and informative, a great combination. I personally don’t wear sweaters and I never really thought about why, could be because I have no fucking clue as to how one puts a sweater on.…

How Brain Parasites Change Behavior

Sure Jaap de Roode is telling me all the important information about brain parasites, but the only thing I can really focus on is which one I want in my head to get me through Monday. Yuck, only 4 more days till the weekend. Hit the jump to change