Support 8-bit Bums

Here we have Pixel Panties, new women’s underwear styled in 8-bit. Pixel Panties launched on Indiegogo, and are already funded, so you can start buying them now. These have to be the best gift out there for the geek chick/nerd girl in your life or maybe even for you weirdo Minecraft roleplayers. Hit the jump…

Hands Free Robotic Arm For Snacki…Oh God!

This is a demonstration of a hands free  snacking and gaming device created by Mattessons snack foods. No thank you, i’m not buying one of these ever. The robotapocalypse starts just like this, mark my words. First It’s feeding then follows up with raping and killing. Hit the jump for the video

Riding An Elevator In Chile, That’s A Hard Pass

This is Jose Vergara Acevedo from Chile riding in all likelihood his last ever elevator. After entering the elevator and pressing his floor number it quickly malfunctions, sending Jose 31 stories in 15 seconds and crashing into the roof of the building. Jose is expected to make a full recovery, but I will not. The…

Lightning Strikes Truck Driving On Highway

Holy shit! Does it get scarier than having a fireball hit your car? Airbags deployed from the hit and the metal body of the truck rippled from the heat. Consider my pants officially soiled, if you need me i’ll be in my house…forever Hit the jump for natures hadouken

Cougar Hunter

Fucking gross dude! 30 year difference and you are 31, not acceptable. No i’m not after their money, bullshit. Different strokes for different folks yada yada, who are they hurting? Me and my eyeballs, I can’t un-see it, nightmares forever fml Hit the jump to lose your lunch

Kenny Powers is Back! …Sort Of

Danny McBride is back.  Man I love this guy and so does HBO.  Just signed him to a new 18 episode deal.  It’s about vice principals of high schools.  If this is anything like, and I mean anything like EB&D, one word, hilarious.  The stuff this guy got away with is mind blowing.  Now that…

Net Neutrality

Net neutrality is a huge deal, and if you are like me there is a lot about it you don’t know. Does or will it affect you? well if you use the internet, then yes. So here we have John Oliver from Last Week Tonight informing and entertaining you on the subject. Do yourself a…

Has Anyone Enjoyed A Tornado More Than These Guys?

Are these guys so hardcore they would hang around a watch a tornado come down on top of them or am I just a pussy? It’s more than likely a combination of both. Goddamn look at that thing, I’m gonna allow myself two reactions. 1-stand motionless like  a deer in headlights pissing myself only to…

Alec Baldwin Gets the Taiwanese Animated News Treatment

Oh how you entertain me Taiwanese animated news, but also inform, that’s very important. I’ve given up on all the other garbage out there. CNN, FOX, ABC, NBC, CSPAN blah blah blah, fuck you, no thanks. I’ll take my news animated, exaggerated and completely ridiculous. Hit the jump for THE NEWS

Michael Sam is a Ram (giggle)

Didn’t we already do this with Jason Collins? I know I know different sport, but it’s hard for me to think this isn’t a big deal only for the fact that the media made it a big deal. Michael Sam was a 7th round draft pick, it’s a huge accomplishment to get drafted period, regardless…