The Life and Death of Tommy Chaos and Stacey Danger

“The Life and Death of Tommy Chaos and Stacey Danger” is a sci-fi rom-com short directed by filmmaker Michael Lukk Litwak. If some of your interests are life, love, battling T-Rex’s with laser helmets and submarine spaceships, this film is for you. The film has won numerous awards and was the Michael’s NYU thesis film. Hit…

What’s On Your Mind?

HigtonBros brings us “What’s On Your Mind?” a short film about Facebook, life, and deceit. I love this film, it’s dark and basic in its concept. How much truth it out there in the Facebook world? I’d personally like to take the pessimistic view of “not much”, it’s just my nature. What’s On Your Mind? gives…

Science in Motion

Thank God NASA has nothing else better to do than drop a Bowling Ball and some Feathers from a near zero-G silo somewhere in Ohio, because this video is actually pretty awesome. It’s like a high school science teacher’s wet dream to finally have a video of this experiment because it demonstrates a pretty awesome…

Ahhhh The Perils of Office Dating

So this is the story of an Average Joe office worker asking his co-worker on a date, or at least trying to. But to be honest, this is the story of any guy asking any girl out ever. Because I don’t care how smooth or suave you think you are, when you start asking a…

A Tale of Momentum & Inertia

HouseSpecial is an animation studio out of Portland, Oregon Whose latest work “A Tale of Momentum & Inertia” is about a rock monster of sorts who has a change of heart after saving the day. The lesson here is don’t be an asshole to someone who just helped you…I think Hit the jump for momentum

MARCEL The Shell With Shoes On, Three

Marcel the shell with shoes on is a weird little creature voiced by Jenny Slate and co-created by Dean Fleischer-Camp. I’m not to sure what to say about this, other than I like it, and most of you do as well. With over 30 million hits on all the Marcel videos combined. Hit the jump for Marcel

World War I With ‘War of the Worlds’ Tripods

Take archived footage of World War 1 combine it with the Tripods from War of the Worlds, and you get Great Martian War. The short film was directed by Christian Johnson and Steve Maher, with music by Working For a Nuclear Free City. Hit the jump for war

Mother Nature: Beauty and Disgusting Together

This video tells the age old tale of Leech meets worm, Leech teases worm, Leech eats worm whole in what I can describe is a pretty horrific manner. Nature is definitely pretty disgusting, as can be seen from this video but let me lay some knowledge down about double standards now.  If a lady came walking…


Bizarre creatures made from faces, that’s what you’re in for here. Malfunction was created by animator Cyraik, and probably some very hard drugs. Keep doing what you do Mr Cyraik, you keep the interwebs interesting for me. Hit the jump to malfunction

Cooking With Auntie Fee

This woman is absolute fire, and she knows it. Food Network should be calling any minute because life without “ant fee’s sweet stuff” isn’t really life at all. I’m not sold on the shit she is cooking, but it doesn’t even matter. Just sit back and enjoy the rise of the next culinary superstar. Hit…