First Moon Party

Here we have First Moon Party, a video by HelloFlo. A young girl fakes having her period, mom finds out and throws a big party. Is there some sort of lesson in here? I have no idea, but it made me laugh. You should laugh too. Hit the jump to party

Bruce Lee The Bartender

This is bartender Po Hseng Hsu who’s being called the Bruce Lee of flair bartending. I’m not sure who is calling him this, as cool as all this bottle and glass juggling is, I don’t feel it’s shit I haven’t seen before. Nice pajamas though Po. Hit the jump for the video

Boston’s Love Affair With Tom Brady

This is Gary Gulman on The Pete Holmes Show talking about the BROmance that Boston males, and I would further New England males have with Tom Brady. Gary pretty much nails it here, we are totally gay for Tom Brady. I won’t even dance around the truth, Gary kept it PG, but i’ll put out…

Hands Free Robotic Arm For Snacki…Oh God!

This is a demonstration of a hands free  snacking and gaming device created by Mattessons snack foods. No thank you, i’m not buying one of these ever. The robotapocalypse starts just like this, mark my words. First It’s feeding then follows up with raping and killing. Hit the jump for the video

Apollo Snores Like A Cartoon

Meet Apollo the English Bulldog. He likes reading, watching movies, and playing at the beach all day. Also Apollo snores like your favorite cartoon character from childhood. It’s decided Apollo rules. Hit the jump for Apollo

Swimming With A Go Pro…Oh Hi Mr Shark

The ocean can eat a shit, this isn’t even “out” in the ocean, it happened in Sydney Harbour. My first thought was this is fake, just seemed to perfect, as soon as he jumped in the guy on land yells shark, but as far as I can tell it’s legit. I’m not swimming without a…

Riding An Elevator In Chile, That’s A Hard Pass

This is Jose Vergara Acevedo from Chile riding in all likelihood his last ever elevator. After entering the elevator and pressing his floor number it quickly malfunctions, sending Jose 31 stories in 15 seconds and crashing into the roof of the building. Jose is expected to make a full recovery, but I will not. The…

Cougar Hunter

Fucking gross dude! 30 year difference and you are 31, not acceptable. No i’m not after their money, bullshit. Different strokes for different folks yada yada, who are they hurting? Me and my eyeballs, I can’t un-see it, nightmares forever fml Hit the jump to lose your lunch

Friday Night Fight At Twin River

Friday night, I was celebrating father’s day a little early with my pop at Twin River’s CES title fight. All fights were great and ended with TKOs. Local favorite Rich Gingras hit Jaime Velazquez so hard in the 5th round; Jamie fell through the ropes and almost out of the ring. I thought he was…

Flaming Selfie

Is this a photobomb attempt? I don’t even know anymore, but when you are willing to lean over an open flame for a chance to be involved in a picture or video. Game set match you win. Oh, hey everybody this is Ginger. If you are going to take out a camera, let her in…