Michael Sam is a Ram (giggle)

Didn’t we already do this with Jason Collins? I know I know different sport, but it’s hard for me to think this isn’t a big deal only for the fact that the media made it a big deal. Michael Sam was a 7th round draft pick, it’s a huge accomplishment to get drafted period, regardless…

♫ Listening Post

Oh hey! it’s new “music?” from Courtney Love, I thought the song might be called scratching and clawing to remain relevant, but no. Also they could have got a better looking transvestite for the video because this one is meh/yuck. Here’s You Know My Name

McNugget Freak Out

This woman obviously wants her McNuggets and I think we all have run into the frustration of not being served the lunch and dinner menus at McDonalds at certain times of the day, but she takes it to an all new level. Points for the most original threat uttered by a seemingly mortal female, “Don’t…

Landslide? Sinkhole? Does it matter?

Technology is the best. Anytime shit goes down someone is there with their phone to immortalize it forever on the interwebs. Personally i can’t get out of a place quick enough when shit hits the fan, so kudos Hit the jump for the video